Youth in Action – Family Violence Film

Youth in Action - Family Violence Film

St Kilda Legal Service with the Gender Equity Steering Committee, (including the City Of Port Phillip , Stonnington City Council, Women’s Health in the South East and Bentleigh Bayside Community Health) have produced this film for young people to speak up and take action if someone they know is a victim or perpetrator of family violence.

Violence against women is never okay. Family violence includes physical, psychological, sexual abuse, stalking, damaging property and exercising social and financial control.

You can make a difference!

The Gender Equity Steering Committee thanks the City Of Port Phillip for funding this film project and Youthworx Media for producing it

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2 thoughts on “Youth in Action – Family Violence Film”

  1. I have had enough of fucking idiots believing youth have no rights with their pathetic resistance. Oh I'm sorry did I insult you?! I didn't know pieces of shit had feelings. You ARE beyond fucking stupid alright, first off, legal rights are being free from family violence, free from sexual exploitation, right to education, right to be free from racial discrimination I could name thousands more and THE most important right is being free from family abuse. You are a stupid fucking cunt that deserves to get shot to death for thinking that we don't have the right to be free from family violence and physical abuse. There's not many people that I detest and loathe as much as people who think that. For fuck sake don't tell me why I'm wrong with you're pathetic dog shit brain. YOU FUCKING CUNTS DESERVE TO HAVE A BULLET PUT THROUGH YOU'RE BRAINS THAT'S MADE OF COW SHIT. A piece of dog shit is a genius compared to you absolutely useless disappointments to humanity.

    There's no such thing as opinions there's only such thing as facts when it comes to youth rights. And what I just mentioned earlier ARE facts not my opinions.

  2. Only peer reviewed academic statistics can be used to truly understand the reality of domestic violence.

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