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You need a work injury lawyer to handle a Worker’s Compensation claim. In Worker’s Compensation, you are entitled to receive all the medical benefits necessary to treat your injury. If you have to go to a doctor for consultations, MRIs, X-rays, injections, surgery, therapy, all of that is covered by Worker’s Compensation.
Just make sure to stay within the Worker’s Compensation system.
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Compromise & Release Settlement.Work injuries & work accident.Workers compensation lawyer

California workers compensation attorney Michael Burgis provides a brief explanation of compromise and release settlements in work comp accident cases.

Compromise and Release also known as C&R settlement is briefly explained on whis video as one of the ways how work comp case can settle. Workers compensation compromise and release settlement future medical is closed, being a lump sum settlement.

Specialized in work comp cases, work injuries and employment law in the state of California, Lawyer Michael Burgis provides a brief overview of how a employees sustaining work injuries can settle their workers compensation cases.

California Workers’ compensation cases can be settled in one of two ways, by Stipulations and Award or by C&R (compromise and release). The difference is that in work comp cases closed by Compromise and Release, generally future medical coverage is closed out, releasing all insurance liabilities on the injured worker’s work comp case.

Please watch the full video in order to be informed on how a workman’s compensation case can close. You need to make sure your workers compensation lawyer works on both settlement options.

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