Woman caught while attempting to fake a car accident

Surveillance camera footage of a woman pretending to be hit by a car on the streets of Wuhan in Hubei Province has gone viral online in China. There have been a number of cases in the recent past where people have pretended to have had an accident only to extort drivers for compensation. In the video, the woman is seen falling to the ground, despite the car being far –roughly around 8 meters – away from her. When she realizes that the car has stopped at a distance, she is seen getting up and walking closer to it before falling to the ground again. Take a look.

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Hema Malini Accident: Deceased Child's Family Demands Compensation

The family of the 2-yr-old child who died in a car accident involving actor Hema Malini has called out for compensation.

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child in car accident compensation

20 thoughts on “Woman caught while attempting to fake a car accident”

  1. Women: oh you hit wait I need to get close hold up.

    Me: get the ** outta the road lady you can walk

  2. She is so poor that she has to make a fake accident.
    Probably not just her responsibility, problem the country of China and the society of China.

    But I don't sympathize with her.

    She should end her life as the punishment for this false accident.

  3. By BL – You should do a report on the risk assessment companies who tell you how your house should look, what animals you can own etc.
    Invasion of privacy, stopping adoption of certain animals, higher insurance premiums, downing your credit score, lost of money due to these companies and insurance companies who use them.

  4. LOL….to be good scammer, you need to be prepared to be injured. You can't win a farting contest if you're not prepared to shit your pants.

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