Whiplash Car Accident Settlements (and Claims)

Learn about whiplash claims and settlements. See the average whiplash injury settlement for car accidents.

Get fast fasts that you need to know. Learn how much is typically awarded for pain and suffering for whiplash.

Applies to car, truck, motorcycle accidents, Uber accidents, Lyft accidents, pedestrian accidents, bike accidents and many other types of accidents.

You’ll hear about whiplash settlements with Progressive Insurance and other insurance companies.

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  1. How much do you think whiplash is worth?

    Please let me know in the comments below.

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  2. I suffer a concussion and c 4 and c5 have a bulging disc and neck sprain is my case worth any thing

  3. i`m wondering what my settlement will be…uhaul truck pulled out in front of me..the guys insurance doesnt want to take responsibility, and the driver didnt report accident to uhaul. the other driver was cited. my car estimate is over $2300…i had to go to chiropractor for 8 weeks for whiplash and shoulder pain…chiro said i`m not getting worse but i`m not getting better. the lawyer has just received the paperwork from chiropractor. i`m wondering who is going to be responsible, uhaul or other drivers insurance, or driver himself?

  4. Do insurance policies cover punitive damages if the defendant is found grossly negligent for a hit and run?

  5. Do any lawyer does now fender benders? or they just do personal injuries and personal injuries only? What happens to the honest person that knows that only his car has been damaged by a negligent driver who runs thru a red light and only wants his car to be repaired and the insurance company only offers shamelessly 80% accusing the driver of 20% being at fault even when the police report clearly states the complete fault of one person? What resources does he have when the lawyers simply say "We only do cases with personal injuries."? Make a complaint to a government agency that has no power at all and only serves as a courier? Is the sense of justice gone for a lawyer and only responds to the sense of money?

  6. I actually live in Florida and my friend who was the driver, I was in the passenger seat. We got rear ended about 3 weeks ago, I’m going to the doctors tomorrow for my really bad neck pain. I’m a minor and do you think that would help the case at all?

  7. Is there something you can sue for other than pip if something flies off a commercial truck smashes my windshield and causes severe whiplash

  8. Hello I was in a rear ended accident by a Uber driver he has progressive I have a f150 with a hitch on the back but I hurt my neck knee and lower back I was going to try to handle my case my self what do you think and the Uber car was totaled do you think they will try to play with my settlement

  9. I rear ended someone a few days ago. She got out to check her car. She Seemed fine. We exchanged info and went about our ways. Barely any damages to her car. I wasn’t going very fast but now she’s claiming she was injured 🤦🏿‍♀️. Really. Barely any damage to her car. No damage to mine. A little paint transfer from my license plate holder. If she sues me for this BS I hope karma gets her good.

  10. In a settlement. Is the payment for medical treatment included in your settlement amount or is that paid separately from your settlement? Then a separate settlement made for the persons Injured.
    Car was totaled….. car hit use on freeway, it crossed the pie shape area trying to make the exit and hit use and totaled the car

  11. Hello I was rear-ended on the highway, and I suffered from whiplash like you mentioned in your video.

    I went to the hospital and got prescribe medication and my insurance didn’t cover the medical bills. I’m also currently going through a chiropractor treatment and I had an MRI scanning. I’m soon going to a specialist to review my MRI results. My doctor said I have a herniated disc in my neck area. It’s been almost 5 weeks, do you know when the at fault party’s insurance company will offer a settlement?

    Thank you for your response.

  12. Hi another car hit me as I was Turing the car tried to go straight in a Turing lane I was in the back seat me and my 4 month old the car hit my side near my door and knocked the car almost into the pole my husband was driving I’m also 3 month pregnant I went to the doctor I doing both hands they have me Tylenol and muscle relaxers also an ultrasound but I’m still hurting bad below… I need a X-ray on my hands and also mri I’m going to referral service chiropractor… I also have bad migraines and I can’t take care my 4 month old because of my hands .. what’s ur advice and how much my case worth also the driver of other car was ticketed

  13. The neurologist i was going to for my appointments is getting sued for medical malpractice , i told him plenty of times that my pain was getting worse and all he would do is tell me to take more pills, can this affect my case?

  14. I was in a bus crash Nov 17th 2017. Bus went in to a truck. City bus at that. I came out alright but then i wasnt. I have constant back pain and neck pain. Went to the dr. they X rayed me, my hip and back was sprained the day after. I decided to have MRI done on my neck and back. Found out i got degenerate pelvis. And the same in my neck. I didnt feel this discomfort and pain before the accident. I played baskeball as well and never felt any pain. I know this will come up when i meet the adjuster. I didnt break anything but the accident wore and tore tissues up in my neck and back. Im a little slower, Hampered with working, panic attacks. Im just not the same. How can the cover my pain and suffering. Because i didnt know what i could do how i could survive, i worked while i was injured with this pain, I live in Iceland lol. Could i get a good settlement? Being public transportation? torn tissues? accident worsened my condition?

  15. Injuries are all permanent because doctors can't seem to fix people. That in itself should be a given not to mention the pidly amount you lowballing lawyers get does not fix anything. People who are not responsible for the accident diserve better than half a million with life long paid for visited to any hospital in America.
    Anything lesser than that is piracy.

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