What is pre-settlement funding and how does it work?


Bridgeway Legal Funding specializes in making advances to those struggling to pay their bills while waiting for a lawsuit settlement. Pre-Settlement Funding or a “Lawsuit Loan” is an option to receive a piece of your settlement today and you only need to pay it back if you win your case.
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What is the timelines of my injury case – Timeline of an Accident Claim & Personal Injury Case

Often times, clients will wonder and ask us what the timeline of their injury case will be like. Questions like, when will I know a decision has been made or will my case go to trial, often come up when it comes to an injury case. In this video, Tampa injury attorney, Lee Pearlman, discusses how one can determine what the timelines of their injury case will be, Click the video to watch and learn more.

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Timeline of a Personal Injury Case`
Timeline for a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Timeline of an Accident Claim#1

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