What is My Personal Injury Case Worth? | Rancho Cucamonga Attorney | Settlement Value of Your Claim

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth? | Rancho Cucamonga Attorney | Settlement Value of Your Claim

How much is my personal injury case worth? How much money will I receive for my injuries?

David Ricks Inland Empire Law Group handles personal injury in Rancho Cucamonga and throughout the Inland Empire in southern California. When we are involved in an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or animal attack and we desire to file a claim, the first question that comes to mind is, “What is my case worth?” To help you in your search for the best lawyer for your case, David offers a FREE initial consultation for personal injury.

We provide legal services in the following personal injury practice areas:
*Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian, and Cyclist Accident Cases
*Slip and Fall Accidents and Premises Liability Cases
*Dog Bite and Animal Attack Cases
*Medical Malpractice and Surgical Error Cases
*Wrongful Death Cases

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Whenever I’m handling a personal injury case one of the questions that I get, invariably, is: What is my case worth? It depends on when I get asked that question, whether I can answer that question. If I get asked that question early on in the case I’m probably going to say I don’t know. Because there are so many variables in a personal injury case. We don’t know how much insurance the other side has, the nature and extent of the injuries at that point, we don’t know how much you’ve lost or will loose in lose of earnings, how you will recover from the treatment that you undergo, and we don’t know whether the particular person we will be dealing with will be nasty or agreeable, we don’t know if there is a dispute of liability and who caused the accident, or if the other side will contest your injuries, maybe you had a pre-existing injury and now that injury has been aggravated from this accident. So there are so many variables right at the beginning of the case that it’s almost impossible to determine the value of the case at that point in time. Don’t be deceived if someone says your case is worth lots of money, they’re probably just guessing. Down the road, as we develop the case, as we get more information, as we know of your recovery and what residual problems you have, we know how much insurance is available, we know more of the information we need to put the puzzle pieces together to figure out the value of your case. At that point in time, we can then determine a basic range of where your case should resolve. Obviously, I want to get the best I can for you, I want to get the most I can for my clients. The other side wants to give them the least amount. So, those things often play a major role in whether the case can get resolved and for how much. So, how much is my case worth? It all depends on a lot of factors, and that’s why you really need to have a good personal injury lawyer that can evaluate all those details and help you figure out what your case is worth.
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  1. There are many factors involved in determining a personal injury settlement. As indicated, at the beginning of a case, it can be very difficult to determine the value of a case.

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