What can I recover if I win my Texas personal injury case?


What can I recover if I win my Texas personal injury case?
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When you win your Texas personal injury case, it depends upon the facts of your case, and the elements of damages that you have. But generally, you’re looking at pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills in the past, your medical bills in the future. You’re looking at impairment, lost wages, loss of earning capacity. Those are some of the elements of damages that you’re looking at when you win your personal injury case. The jury can put in an amount of money for each one of those items I just mentioned. And so in Texas, whether there’s pain and suffering from the time of the wreck to the time of the trial, or for the rest of your life, along with mental anguish, along with impairment and the other damages I mentioned, a jury can fill in amounts in their discretion that they think would fairly compensate you. So depending upon how it affects your life, and how the incident occurred, jurors can award thousands of dollars or millions of dollars in each category.

My law firm has the experience in presenting cases to the jury, presenting these damage elements to a jury, and, of course, having received multi-million dollar verdicts from juries. We’ve also had experience where people may not have extreme injuries, but a jury is still considering elements of damages and awarding them hundreds of thousands and sometimes less than hundreds of thousands. It depends upon each case, and the facts of each case. So once you win your trial, then you’ve got to collect the jury verdict. Collecting the jury verdict, sometimes, is the second step. Sometimes there’s appeals after the jury verdict. Oftentimes very, very high jury verdicts are appealed in Texas. So being prepared for the appeal is important. But oftentimes cases are settled after the jury verdict, and clients then get compensated after the jury trial. So it depends upon each case, and the circumstances of each case, what elements of money they’re able to recover for their damages, and it depends upon whether or not there’s appeal after they win the jury verdict.

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