What are the costs of hiring a Personal Injury lawyer?

What are the costs of hiring a Personal Injury lawyer?

So, what are the legal fees? How do personal injury lawyers charge for their services for representing you?

Typically, personal injury lawyers charge contingency fees. Contingency fees mean that they are conditional on the outcome of the case. If your personal injury lawyer is unable to get you compensation, he or she will not get compensation. Fees are usually either one third or 40 per cent of the total amount recovered for the client.

If you don’t have a lawyer, can you represent yourself and save money? In smaller cases – maybe, but in most cases, the amount you receive through legal representation, even after the deduction of legal fees and associated costs, will be higher than the amount you could get through your own negotiations with insurance companies. This is because insurance companies and adjusters will not offer you sufficient compensation until and unless you have a competent and qualified lawyer whom they know will be filing a lawsuit if they’re not reasonable in the amount they offer. They’re not motivated to pay you the maximum compensation unless your case is well prepared, with all the evidence, all the damage and details of your insurance cover clearly set out.

Ismail Shahtakhtinski, a personal injury attorney with I.S. Law Firm, says you significantly reduce your chances of receiving maximum compensation if you don’t hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. A proficient attorney will accurately evaluate your injuries, pain, suffering and any other damage caused, obtain all the necessary documents, and preserve all the evidence required to prove your case if it is disputed.

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