What are the Benefits of Hiring Medical Malpractice Lawyers?

What are the Benefits of Hiring Medical Malpractice Lawyers?

With medical errors being the third leading cause of death in the United States, this has created an entire field of attorneys specializing in medical malpractice.

At Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen, we have dedicated our careers to truly understanding Florida’s medical malpractice regulations to seek justice for those who have been harmed. With years of experience and proven results, our attorneys not only know the best way to defend your claim but also have deep knowledge of the medical terminology that will be used during your case.

Here are a few of the other reasons why a victim of medical negligence should hire a medical malpractice attorney for their case:
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If a loved one is experiencing pressure sores, fall-related injuries, medication errors, or isn’t being monitored they may be experiencing nursing malpractice. Your family members deserve better. If you suspect nursing malpractice, contact a lawyer to help. https://tittlelawfirm.com/lawsuits/nursing-negligence/

[Text]: Hey folks, Allen Tittle here, Cleveland’s medical malpractice lawyer. One topic that I’d like to discuss today is nursing malpractice. Now folks, nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system here in America. And for the most part, nurses are hardworking and want to do what’s best for their patients. But occasionally, because of understaffing or just carelessness things happen; bad things to patients.

One example, that we see from time to time, generally because of understaffing, as a result of nursing malpractice is a failure to reposition or turn the patients. This leads to pressure sores. Other common mistakes are simply giving the wrong medication, failing to monitor the patient in a hospital setting, such as their pulse ox (or how much oxygen they have in their blood). Or even their blood pressure. And last but not least, the most common source or example of nursing malpractice has to do with falls. They just aren’t monitoring the patient because they have, generally speaking, too many patients to deal with. And a patient may have to go to the restroom, they try to get up on their own, they fall, break a hip. Or the order calls for what’s called a two-person assist, and one nurse decides – because again there isn’t enough help – to try and move or transfer the patient by themselves, drop the patient, and fracture their hip.

Folks, nursing malpractice is a serious issue in today’s healthcare system, generally speaking because of understaffing. If you or a loved one feel that you’re a victim of nursing malpractice, please give us a call or visit our website. Thank you.