Welfare Queens #Stereotypology

The term “welfare queen” became a household term because of not-yet-President Ronald Reagan, but the roots of this misogynoir root back much father.










Aid To Dependent Children: The Legal History

Widows Pensions: An Introduction




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20 thoughts on “Welfare Queens #Stereotypology”

  1. The crux of the matter is Ronald Reagan wasn't wrong. Since Matin Luther King's famous speech, there has been an explosion in the single mother. Over 77% of all births today are to single black females.

    With an alleged 13% of the US population being black, why are their numbers in welfare claimants so high? It is the same for EBT, wick, and Section 8. In a recent video of a State issuing a few vouchers, there was a stampede of black people running across the car park. There were thousands of them and I didn't see one white face. Why is this?

    Is it racism that holds the black community back or the black single mother popping out babies to get more welfare and once they get too old, they encourage their 14 year old daughter to start. I know one black mother attacked her son when he wanted to join up. The reason was that she would lose his benefits.

    Please don't insult our intelligence by saying that the welfare queen is a myth. She is alive and well driving her Cadillac from one welfare office to the next. Along the way she borroes a few more kids to get even more food stamps which she can then sell. Again a TV sting on prople selling their food stamps found that they were all black single mothers.

  2. ANYONE who gets welfare is a burden to society. Fuck your race, gender, sex, whatever fucking category you want to use.

  3. I guess it's easy to give away when you never had to earn it. You are actually making an argument to shovel more money to walking baby factories and future felons?

  4. Now who are the lazy ones? the lazy ones are the ones who can't afford to feed their children and force other people to pay to feed their children the lazy ones are the ones that refuse to work two or three jobs so they could feed their children instead going to welfare office and making men pay to feed their children.Don't pay for single mother sluts and their bastards.

  5. If you are sooo in love with the idea of welfare for women then its fine by me give us your address we will come for a visit and we will take all of your shit and give it to the single moms out there. I am sure you will feel greate living out on the street while the single moms enjoy the labour of your hard work… Except that will never happen because you want someone ELSE to pay for those single moms don't you?

  6. Oh look, our stereotypical white women saviour out here talking about racism. Equal rights for all sluts regardless of color right? You sluts have no right to welfare, you self entitled skanks are unbelievable. Western women will be the downfall of civilization.

  7. This women is a dope. Welfare programs are a drain on the tax payer and they won't last forever. Single mothers whose husbands died in the war doesn't equal these hoes running around now taking multiple cock.

  8. Israel is now the biggest welfare recipient,at 3.5 Billion tax American dollars over ten year's for nothing.any body talking about that.

  9. Ask business owners what's the turnover rate for blacks and who crying lawsuits and now want disabilty for getting a blister on their hand.

  10. Welfare entitlement from cradle to grave and still get a scoial security retirement with big goverment benifits.

  11. Wrong analyst, biased point of view. This isn't charity, not a choice, it's taken away directly from people wallet, the working class. Trying to add racism into the mix only make the point even more incoherent, no one care if black or white in this era, it's about the welfare program validity itself.

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