Watch live: Primary elections coverage & analysis


Watch live: Primary elections coverage & analysis

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are facing off in six primaries on Tuesday, their first big test since Super Tuesday. Of the delegates awarded so far, Biden has 648 delegates and Sanders has 563. Follow live updates:–
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20 thoughts on “Watch live: Primary elections coverage & analysis”


    Seems like the Coronavirus is winning the election…


    Crazy Bernie Or Senile Joe..Great competetion

  3. christopher lafaye says:

    CUOMO FOR PREZ!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mimi says:


  5. letus hear says:

    It is a sad day for our country. I'm not going to say what I am thinking about the democratic party or the country.
    Alright everyone, get back inside and no closer than 6 feet.

  6. Tuli Domineaux says:

    Progressives are kind of like the ‘tea party’ of the left. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Dax says:

    Tell me the DNC doesn't invent these numbers. They ALL want Biden in the Senate? 😉

  8. jack985 says:

    Biden. Because, nepotism, corruption and senility are awesome.

  9. Jennifer Thurston says:

    PS: If we end up w/ a Trump/Biden ticket, there's still hope if we collectively WRITE BERNIES NAME IN ON Election Day‼️‼️‼️ Spread the word‼️

  10. Jennifer Thurston says:

    Keeping hope that the DNC and voters of all ages, races, genders and nationalities realize that Bernie Sanders is the best choice for this country NOW & for future generations and the ONLY choice that will beat Donald Trump.

  11. Thomas Cianciola says:

    Globalism is a dumpster fire now because of coronavirus.

  12. George Wawryck says:

    Where is the story about Biden's plan to cut social security ? Why is CBS covering up Biden's lies?

  13. Dana Fowler says:


  14. Mike S says:

    Fake News, all theses jokers. The Dems are going down in flames again. Can't listen to their sh*t anymore.

  15. MadCowBurgerz says:

    Trump is going to have it easier than expected with this crew of sick, elderly, useless Communists.


    Trump 2020!!

  16. Youcanvids says:

    We need a flat tax system, if we did this everyone would pay the same tax. There would be no ways to hide money. We all would be proud to pay taxes. Religions and corporations would pay the same tax everyone would pay. CPAs w and accounts would be our new audit system to make sure it works and lessen corruption. We would also need a luxury tax on new products. We would no longer be required to pay property taxes. More money in everyone’s pockets. And healthcare for everyone. The government would also produce products. Business can compete against products made by Americans.

  17. Aliddle Birdietoldme says:

    At national, Joe will be removed because he is unfit. Dont worry, cause Queen Hillary will be put in by Superdelegates. It is the plan. That is why all former candidates are making sure of Joe B.

  18. ZEN MUSIC SPEAKS says:

    🛑for relaxing and soothing music, follow me ✅

  19. Harry Kirk says:

    Never Biden, the hated senile crook that stabs progressives in the back

  20. Crow Creek Outdoors says:

    The Democratic Party had two candidates in the beginning who were very electable. Both were sensible people with ideas that would have appealed to both democrats and republicans. Either of them stood the best chance of winning the election. Both were shunned because they weren’t progressive enough to suit the party. I believe one was unpopular also because he looked Asian & the Democratic Party is the biggest bunch of racists alive. The other is still in the race, but she’s being black balled by the party because she showed some integrity by voting present in the impeachment thing. No matter where you stand on that, you must admit that any house or senate member who is actively campaigning for president shouldn’t be voting one way or the other in a matter that involves a political opponent. She did the right thing and her party is punishing her for it. Odd she’s the only female candidate left in the race & all the pro-woman voters who pushed Warren & Kobuchar won’t support her. This is why the Democratic Party can no longer win presidential elections. They need to weed out the hypocrites & progressives who are destroying their party.

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