Video: Jaywalking one of the top factors in pedestrian fatalities, police say

Video: Jaywalking one of the top factors in pedestrian fatalities, police say

Another dangerous night on GTA streets as an 18 year old was struck by a car in the city’s west end. CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt looks at why so many pedestrians have been injured or killed this year.
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Video deposition of Dr. Karen Michelle Shainsky in the Civil Medical Malpractice suit De Rogatis v. Shainsky.

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18 thoughts on “Video: Jaywalking one of the top factors in pedestrian fatalities, police say”

  1. Stop entering the crosswalk when the flashing hand is already flashing. That timer is for people ALREADY on the road and crossing.

  2. you can add all the laws in the world/book to try and stop j-walking but it has become a cultural issue that wont go away unless we educate our children & youth

  3. If I EVER see this so-called DOCTOR walk in my room THINKING she's about to treat me, I'm walking straight out the door! She is PATHETIC! No personality whatsoever! How the hell did she get ANY frickin' license??????

  4. The attorney’s line of questions in a nutshell:

    How do you treat patients?
    How many medical books have you read and how many words were in those books?
    How many patients have you treated who had pain, and where was their pain?
    How many Percocets can you put in a medicine bottle? How many can you put in a stomach?
    How many prescription sheets are in a prescription pad, and what are all the colors they come in?
    What is every possible combination of pain medications that might make someone kill themselves?
    How many drug companies on the market sell Tylenol #3 and where are their laboratories?
    How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

  5. Fibromyalgia is a bullshit diagnosis, completely psychosomatic, and because doctors refused to prescribe dope for an imagined symptom of pain, they got sued for “failing to acknowledge and treat their pain”. Then, Big Pharma got paid big time when they said that SSRIs like Cymbalta, aka pills for people who are depressed, can be used to “treat” fibromyalgia. Now people are suing the doctors for indulging in a pseudo illness with a pseudo treatment when that’s what they were demanding. Now, if she prescribed something like Lysergic acid diethalymide and the girl jumped out a window, you’d have a great case for med mal. This case was nothing more than a family projecting their own guilt onto a physician because a loved one made the decision to end her life. SUI-CIDE literally translated means “killing of one’s self”. HOMI-CIDE means “killing of another”. The fact that people can actually be convicted for another person’s suicide is an abuse of common law.

  6. What does her date of birth and date that she became a us citizen have to do with the charge of medical malpractice?

  7. Did the plaintiff lose? I'm guessing the plaintiff lost. You know why? The plaintiff's lawyers are absolutely scum of the earth. None of what they did is acceptable legal procedure. Even if you had a case here, you lost all respect from all parties involved by using this particular lawyer and all latitude the judge may have given you.

    What I would do if I were the plaintiff is sue this law firm.

  8. The questioner sounds like an idiot. It's so obvious he's just trying to get her to say something he can use against her later. And that he's trying to bully them both into submission. It's also obvious HE doesn't know what he's talking about.

  9. Wow. interesting. but, I have to say poor cross examination. your chice of words are not getting to the facts. your savataging your own questioning. misleading the witness ? I think that is what your doing .trying to use words to make the witness follow you, get confused as to what you are asking her. too vague. really why did you not just lay the intire records of every single med she prescribed in front of her and go over them? then your questions would be very easy.and to the point. remember this should be about truth. not how well you can play the game to whom can win. guilty/innocent. that's all this should be about. oh, and you act like a arrogant tripped up on ego.

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