Vermont Legal Aid files lawsuit against state

Vermont Legal Aid files lawsuit against state

Vermont Legal Aid attorney Barbara Prine announces the lawsuit her organization and Disability Rights Vermont have filed in Washington Superior Court against the state for failing to adequately investigate cases of reported abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.
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  1. Someone should also add to this and ask "Why won't the Lawyers for protection of the Elderly and or disabled fighting against Discrimination Handle an appeal for an Elderly Woman with Diabetes being evicted from her home of 10 years for having her daughter as her Care giver ? Nor will these Legal Aide Lawyers file a counter suite on the Elderly woman's behalf ?" This is a good day for the Suite that Legal Aide has filed , BUT , Legal Aide itself needs to be looked into as well , as there are Many people who are directed to their office for help and repeatedly get told either they don't have a case or Legal Aide does NOT handle the case that is brought in ; when their (Legal Aide's) Pamphlet says they do ."

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