VA Disability Benefits Overview

This educational video provides an overview of the VA Disability Benefits application process. It explains many of the pitfalls one may experience while applying for VA benefits. This video contains legal information and not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.

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13 thoughts on “VA Disability Benefits Overview”

  1. Currently I receive a non service connected disability pension . Do you think it would be worth my time filling for non service connected disability claim ? Also, am I eligible for any other benefits?

  2. I've been fighting the VA for almost 10 years now I've given them more than enough opportunities to make it right and now it's too late we're already writing a report to send it Ohio Congress North Carolina Congress and DC exposing the three Federal offenses that the local VA in Jacksonville North Carolina committed by the nine and putting false information into my claims and into my file we literally have it documented there were three Federal offenses committed by dr. Khan at the VA in Jacksonville North Carolina then there's nothing they can do to stop me from sending my letter to the Congress of Ohio North Carolina and DC I'm going to Skyline them and really bring a lot of negative publicity than I've given them 2 years I patients we gave them 10 years to get this done so enjoy the negative news publicity dr. Khan you fucking Criminal terrorist you stealing from my disabled children but you put that gas in your car every day that my family provided to you at the expense of our own blood criminal terrorist disguised as a doctor dr. Khan that's just so fitting of his name cuz he's a con man

  3. yes you can.. but the highest they pay is 100% im 160% disabled with it all tallied up. i am also TDIU.. which is total and permanent.

  4. I don't recommend for vets to do it themselves. I used DAV and so far I'm at 30%. I'm waiting for the answer to come back on for the check I had.

  5. i dont know why my computer stuttered but i meant to say that my back was in my medical records. the VA swt ne up with a dotor to varify my injuries, they asked me about my mental health stuff, took xrays of my mand and ankle. me hand was healed so no rating there but my foot was still healing so evidence was showing up. they xrayed my back. and my MS was diagnosed after the fact so they went off my doctors recomendations and reports.

  6. i really didnt fake my claim. i was put on a medical board for my mental health. apparently when my psych sends me to the mental hospital twice i get seperated. my other things i have medical documenttion for. my multiple scleroses was diagnosed by a doctor, my foot injury was fresh when that claim was filed, its better now. ack wain my medical record and tenitus i just told them i had it and the hearing test the VA gave me showed signs of a hearing loss.

  7. i faked my claim and got 90% disability, 70% for mental problems, 30% for multiple sclerosis, 10% for my back, 10% for tinnitus, and 10% for an ankle injury.

  8. Scum bags – bottom feeders – oxygen thieves fake their claims, because they hurt the VA, and fellow veterans. If you know of such, thank him for helping to jam the system up.

    This video is the best and most articulate off what I have seen that explains the process, A bit simplistic, but accurate and very useful.

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