United States Presidents and The Illuminati Masonic Power Structure

United States Presidents and The Illuminati  Masonic Power Structure

United States Presidents and The Illuminati Masonic Power Structure

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8 thoughts on “United States Presidents and The Illuminati Masonic Power Structure”

  1. Bill Clinton is the illegitimate son of Winthrop rockefeller. Jimmy Carter was the illegitimate son of Joe Kennedy and half-brother to JFK. Both illuminati families. As long as you accept a money system you accept the religion of satan and will be ruled by the demonic priests of that religion the illuminati. In 10 years you will all be tricked into taking the mark of the beast. Starving they will offer you food if you do, then they will stop the food a week or 2 after you are chipped. The nightmare of a magnitude unimaginable will occur after that. Money is satanism and antichrist. The pyramid of iniquity is the symbol the mark of the beast which marks this world as antichrist=devolving into satan separate from God only demons can come here to rule over you. Christ was your last opportunity to change, and you murdered him. He appeared again in ww2 &3 and is now wrongly demonized to the world by the illuminati and you hate him wrongly and if he was truly evil as the lies the illuminati would have made a hero of him. You are liars and liars believe God only those who tell the truth and never lie know the truth and won't be fooled by satan.

  2. all U.S. assassinations are fake.. John Wilks Booth was Edgar Allen Poe. Lincoln was Jeff Davis.

  3. Enemies, perpetually, apparently, with a substantial amount of civilizations worldwide. Some would even argue they are even hated in the beyond. Fancy that. Congratulations, taste your prize. It cost many bones and freedoms.

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