UAE Medical Liability & Malpractice Law | explained | Lex Animata

UAE Medical Liability & Malpractice Law | explained | Lex Animata

Medical Liability and Negligence Law in the United Arab of Emirates explained and simplified in a nutshell.

An animation video about the United Arab of Emirates “UAE” federal Medical liability law number 10 for 2008, the video gives a quick overview about the concept of medical negligence , the limit of the physician responsibility and liability toward the patient, whether by negligence or ignorance, the harm or damage caused to the patient by the doctor mistake , in addition to the doctor duties and what constitute a breach of duty and what is not, the video also summarize the doctor restrictions and prohibitions like abortion, surgery, medicines and others. finally the video highlight the supreme committee of medical liability and the doctor criminal and civil charges

يتناول الفيديو بشكل مبسط القانون الاتحادي لدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة رقم 10 لسنة 2008 الخاص بالمسؤولية الطبية و الذي ينظم مدى مسؤولية الطبيب او المستشفى من الناحية القانونية عن الأخطاء او الخطأ الطبي اثناء العلاج و الذي يسبب ضرر للمريض و ما هي حدود مسؤولية الطبيب عن الاهمال الطبي و واجبات الطبيب و المحظورات التي عليه تجنبها مثل الاجهاض و المساعدة في انهاء حياة المريض و استنساخ البشر و غيرها من المحظورات كما يتتطرق الفيديو الى العقوبات التي تواجه الطبيب المهمل و اللجنة المختصة بالتحقيق مع الطبيب

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  1. Have many patients looking for assistance around medical malpractice and hospital negligence. Involves 5 billion annually in the US alone. Dr. Bennet Omalu famous for findings in the NFL of CTE is now on record stating similar outcomes anticipated in this population seeking assistance. Current national product liability suit taking place associated with this and CA courts have proved brain injury outcomes.

  2. Law students. The issue is electroshock/ECT. Performed at leading facilities. Please write your papers and have discussions around this issue. We have a product liability suit in place, but feel medical malpractice is possible, and other types of suits. This is fraud at best.

    Electroshock has never had any FDA testing of device or procedure. It was classed as experimental up to a year ago, but dropped to class two still without testing and with an active lawsuit proving brain injuries. They did this so more insurers would pay on this. Cardiac defibrillator still remains class 3 with testing in place. This is discrimination as this population protected under the ADA.

    This is trauma. If this happened in a home or work setting verses at the hands of culpable providers, all trauma personnel receiving would

    anticipate TBI at best. They would anticipate multi-system involvement such as cardiac and respiratory. We are talking up to 450 volts and greater. A layman giving thought would know of harm. All trauma is based on MECHANISM. You have a known mechanism i.e. electrical and you then have a KNOWN and ANTICIPATED outcome in ALL populations, to include the psychiatric

    population. This cannot be refuted. I realize that perceived standards are being met around the use of electroshock, making it difficult to bring medical malpractice claims at present. However, I believe that there are actually no standards of care over all as noted in the article submitted to Mad in America and referenced below. Given the mechanism of trauma one anticipates damages already based on this known mechanism.

    Duty is certainly being breached given their full knowledge of damages and lack of FDA testing. Standards they are using protect them, but not patients at present. When standards were created for ECT and reviewed and updated, providers being trained also in neurology and common sense of life realize the outcomes of this. They therefore had a duty to warn and protect while drafting the standards knowing extent of harm both short and long term electrical trauma. I trust an attorney will figure a way to bring medical malpractice claims in this issue.

    Standards of care are also not being met around informed consent as it pertains to this issue. Around consent some do it in a series format given the outcomes of TBI and understandable inability to give consent each and every time, but some facilities do consent each and every time with a series taking place. I have heard of patients consented in series for ECT yet anesthesia consents are separate and not in series format. I have heard of standard surgical consents being used with short term memory loss for adverse events listed. I have heard of anesthesia consents being done verbally. Consent is fallible and the material risk of brain injuries is missing for starters. Providers own research shows actual structural brain changes that result from this. We as patients are told that we will have temporary memory loss expected to resolve in 6 weeks along with the typical anesthesia risks. I garnered hundreds of patient outcomes they live with after consenting to this, and many lives have been devastated as a result. Many end up on permanent disability as a direct result of these damages. We now have a leading TBI specialist in notes stating damages to a patient's cerebellum, brain stem, and frontal lobes as a direct result of ECT. We are showing damages on testing.

    I realize that psychiatric medical malpractice pays out far less than straight medical malpractice, but this involves a medical procedure and general anesthesia. As you may be aware that psychiatrists are often double boarded in neurology, and believe that given these two points it would fall into standard medical malpractice in anticipated payouts. This is also being done on professionals that could potentially lead in these new cases to set a precedent for those you feel more risky. One other point, is that given electrical trauma can evolve and extend years out, one has to consider the extension of time frames to file around these types of injuries Please see the blogs on the DK law group site for updated information on product liability suit. I have made you tube videos under my name as well that may assist you. We need attorneys please to intervene and assist us with reparations and recognition of harm so we may have help.

    This link shows that psychiatry in the latest DSM5 submission was considering adding this diagnosis of post electrical injury and then decided against it as they would be implicating themselves around their use of electroshock.

    One of the videos by me on ECT:

    Video by psychiatrist and expert Dr. Peter Breggin on ECT:

    Below are standards written by a peer with degree in rehabilitation studies. It is a petition being viewed by many around ECT.

    The petition "Standardize, Regulate & Audit Shock Treatments (Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT)" now has 3,528 signatures. ?

    Link: Article on regulatory issues:

  3. Sir I got perminant hear loss after sinus treatment, antibiotic side effect, net day I told him that I feel dizzy but he told me to continue antibiotic. And I got perminant hearing loss

    you are who I am counting on. There is an issue in healthcare coming to light that we need to have addressed. It is the issue of electroshock in the courts currently. Law suits taking place around the devices used in this procedure on a national level. There are medical malpractice firms in several states taking patient information around damages from this procedure. There are suits filed against the FDA and legislative changes being made as well.

    This is a human rights issue. We have also approached for false claims/fraud suits and discrimination suits. Please see resources on ectjustice now owned by law firms participating in product liability suit.

    No FDA testing of device or procedure ever done. No pre-market approval ever done of the devices that were grandfathered in by the FDA over 80 years ago. Devices have been shown in the CA courts to cause brain injury at minimum. I feel this is discrimination involving a protected population under the ADA. I feel it is insurance fraud as the procedure has never even been shown by the FDA to be safe or effective and insurers to include Medicare pay out billions annually in US alone. The government then often pays out a lifetime of disability payments as a direct result of damages from same. They don't test because all know full well damages around this that would come to light.

    Until recently electroshock and the devices were classed as experimental. It was declassified to FDA level 2 which is the safety level of syringes. It was declassified so more insurers would be able to pay on it. It was declassified with an active suit in place around devices and harm. It was declassified without any testing of device or procedure. We as patients were never told in consent it was classed as experimental. There are significant issues around this and the FDA for discrimination claims.

    This is used at leading facilities to include the large HMO Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser has the largest patient pool to draw from for research and there is research around ECT. Many people have a piece of the pie so to speak in research and product incentives so all keep quiet to keep this in practice. Never mind the fear of suits and lost reputations when this comes to full fruition in public knowledge.

    This is TBI at minimum. Consent is highly fallible. Most just mention standard anesthesia risks and some temporary short term memory loss expected to resolved in 6 weeks. Electrical trauma up to 450 volts and greater to the brain impacts all bodily systems. Providers are well aware of actual structural brain changes that result from this in their research and that is certainly missing from consent for starters.

    There are long term outcomes of electrical trauma to include CTE, ALS, and ongoing cardiac and autonomic issues etc. These damages can extend and evolve over years. Medical malpractice is possible as the material risk of brain damages are missing from consents as baseline.

    This is trauma. All trauma is based on mechanism. NFL is blunt force and ours is electrical. You have a known mechanism you have a known and anticipated outcome in ALL populations (even those with mental health histories). If this happened in a home or work setting verses at the hands of culpable providers, all ER personnel would anticipate TBI at minimum. This is a crime.

    Law students this impacts professionals as well now. No longer just used for depression nor as a last resort. This is being used also on children, women in pregnancy, and our Veterans. We are counting on you to help address this either in writing papers, having conversations with your professors, addressing your legal concerns around this on social, anything to expose the harm of this. There is a great need for justice and reforms.

    "…and the ashes will be blown away from the tops of their heads. It is edict! It is writ!"


    Mayo Clinic, you dropped me three times during my hip replacement surgery on 2-25-15 fracturing both hips and shattering my left hip. The photo's of the marks and injuries you left on me after the surgery tell a story. I'd challenge the best forensic expert in the world to contest my findings of the marks you left on me. I have some form of spinal damage, you and other medical facilities are hiding from me. I have plenty of proof for my accusations, one, is in the injuries themselves. Mayo has blacklisted me from receiving medical coverage. Why? The injuries I've sustained can't be rationally explained and all the proof is in my body. Did a building fall on me?

    I've witnessed levels of corruption from your institute that no one will believe so I figured I'd be frank because there is no way to rationally explain the terrible thing you've done to me. I can prove all my allegations if given the proper stage. It won't happen in a courtroom. Blatant, 100% provable HIPAA violations were not enforced upon you. Minnesota Board of Public Health took an hour and twenty-minute statement from me. Just to send me a letter a couple weeks later stating they couldn't do anything about my situation. The week after our HIPAA accusation and my phone call to the Minnesota Board of Health, some mysterious happenings occurred. I have screenshots of major alterations to my radiology profile along with my sisters. I have extensive screenshots and video recordings.

    edit I have a mortal spinal injury they covered up

    – A complete fracture of the femoral head is visible in my 3-month check after hip replacement surgery and no fractures were identified by Mayo. The list of fractures present in my imagery that goes undiagnosed is too lengthy to list.

    – I have audio recordings of you using my mental health against me to excuse your behavior. Real, true, physical suffering, creating levels of anxiety I never thought possible and you make me out to be a crazy person who only wants to sue you. I caught you in several lies, in my audio recordings.

    – I have recorded audio conversations that prove you withheld my records, it can't be denied.

    – You committed a HIPAA violation regarding my incident with my sister, it can't be denied.

    – My complete radiology history has been altered, including other institutes. Most of my radiology imaging has two penis's visible in the images. Mayo can overlap images to manipulate radiology images to their liking. I can prove this by calcification in my scrotum. This is scary stuff and very real.

    – My anesthesiology report is electronically signed and dated before the surgery started. My will that doesn't exist is located in CVI, a vascular disease of the legs. My temperature and oxygen levels were not recorded during the surgery.

    – Altered medical files, I have before and after.

    – My vitals are missing from the surgery you injured me. Despite the missing vitals, the insurance company let me stay another night at your facility. As we all know, insurance companies are lining up to give free nights at the hospital, right? With no vitals, I'm curious how you got this done.

    – I have screenshots of you altering my sister's radiology reports and video recordings to prove your most recent tampering in her medical profile.

    – You altered my hospital discharge from the surgery I was injured, many months later and sent it into my disability hearing. I found this on my disability lawyer's disc, so I'm pretty sure it can't be denied.

    – Withholding medical findings, in particular, the spinal injury and several fractures. Keep in mind I have a double hip replacement. I have fractures right now and no one will treat me because of Mayo Clinic, including my hometown. Put me on an x-ray for the world to see. I will prove this.

    – Give me an orthopedic who will be held accountable for what he says, on record, for the world to see his diagnoses of me. I will prove all this in 5 minutes with real x-rays and his statements. That is how much evidence I have against you.

    – I tried really hard to keep this between us but you chose time and time again to do the wrong thing. The last time I tried, a month ago. You accused me of extortion when I told you I had no choice but to ask the public for help. Good thing I have the entire conversation recorded. I will happily submit to polygraph testing.

    I know, many won't believe this. But, your other victims will. Soon enough I will prove to the world what you did to me. You have literally allowed a severe form of physical and mental torture that I've had to endure the last 3 1/2 years by denying me medical coverage to cover up your crime. Dr. Rafael Sierra, Carlos Mantilla, Spencer Gardner, Nicholas Hernandez, Jennifer Hillegass-bonser and Cynthia Ellis. Each and every one of you know you can't look me in the eyes and say you didn't do this. If you read this, I want you to know that I continue to suffer pain no man should endure.

  6. I am being "Gang-stalked" in the USA and its possible corrupt law enforcement is involved. I have evidence of the harassment in public and in the workplace. I fear for my family life as well as my own.They will not allow me to work . They will not allow me to receive benefits. 18 US Code § 1512 ,18 USC 241, 42 USC 1985-86, Title 18 S 241, 18 USC 2340, 4th and 8th Amendment, Discrimination in employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), Colorado Code 18-3-303, 18-5-903.5 (Yes even my passport was stolen), 8 USC 1324c, 18 USC 1621, 10 USC 1054

  7. The practice of medicine or any area of health care should be taken care of patients because there are several factors such as ethics, responsibility and good management of medical knowledge because it is dealing with human lives and therefore the risk of error is very important. Bad practice can have very bad and shameful consequences.

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