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Medical malpractice is professional negligence by a health care provider who fails to adhere to the accepted standards of practice that results in death or injury. Doctors, nurses, technicians, pathologists, hospitals, nursing home facilities, and any person that provides medical care can be professionally negligent.

Clifford Law Offices is an award-winning Chicago personal injury law firm with a dedicated medical malpractice practice group – lawyers dedicated to holding individuals and institutions in the medical field accountable for their negligence. In November 2019, a team of Clifford Law Offices medical malpractice lawyers obtained a record 1 million verdict on behalf of a baby who was brain damaged at birth at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. See below for more of our results.

If you believe you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, talk with us. We will investigate the situation, look for signs of negligence or misconduct connected to your case, and file a medical malpractice claim against the appropriate party/parties.

Finding an excellent medical malpractice lawyer is not easy. Attorney David Wenner Of Snyder & Wenner, P.C. Phoenix AZ (602) 224-0005: Covers the matter and gives Important Information On How To Search For The Top Medical Malpractice Lawyer In Phoenix AZ

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