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Hello, and Welcome to The Men’s Legal Center. I would like to introduce you to the founding and managing attorney. Hello, my name is Craig Candelore The Men’s Legal Center specializes in representing Husbands and Fathers while also representing women, through the Family Courts since 1986. We represent clients in San Diego County and its surrounding areas using a wealth of experience and knowledge to help protect what truly matters. The majority of society knows that men have an uphill battle in Family Court. After leaving active duty, I felt a calling to establish The Men’s Legal Center for this exact reason. Women got the short end of the stick in the past, and the pendulum has swung with a vengeance. Now the system is perceived as unfairly biased against men and this is not healthy for society! If there are children, they should have equal access to both parents. Men’s Legal Center advocates for equal rights in Family Court focusing on children having equal access to both parents. Why should you call the Men’s Legal Center? How do you help level the playing field?

You need effective legal representation from the beginning to protect your children, your home, your assets and your future. Our firm’s passion, dedication and legal expertise separates us from other firms. We are committed to representing you at one of the most critical times in your life. Our legal teams will help you navigate the family court system. We offer experienced legal services such as Divorce, Child Custody and Support, Spousal Support, and Property Division You will have peace of mind knowing that an experienced attorney is on your side. We encourage you to get quality legal advice and representation from the beginning of your case to have the best chance of a successful outcome in family court. Call us today to schedule a case evaluation!
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