The Five Minute Legal Master Series: Motions for Summary Judgment

In this Five Minute Legal Master video, Board Certified Creditors’ Rights attorney, Nicholas D. Krawec, talks about motions for summary judgment.
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If you want to learn how to give a great deposition in 4 minutes, this is the video for you.

Learn what happens in a deposition, and how to perform better.

25 years of Experience in depositions

Our firm has 1000s of depositions.

SIMPLE and EASY tips for any personal injury case including car accidents, truck accident, motorcycle accidents, or construction site accidents.

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6 thoughts on “The Five Minute Legal Master Series: Motions for Summary Judgment”

  1. I sued for wrongful foreclose and fraud. None of the defendants have responded. Do you have video for default judgments?

  2. NO, Attorney Krawec. Thank YOU. You have no idea how many clients don't understand how the MSJ works. It's exactly what you said. "The whole thing is false. He made the whole thing up. He has nothing. Make it go away with the MSJ". These videos are absolutely invaluable. For new lawyers and for clients too!

  3. Hi Iam a prose plaintiff in this case I filed an objection to summary judgment my issue is matter of law and fact, my question is how will the judge decide on my objection? Do I get to have an hearing on the summary judgment and if I do do I have to subpoena witnesses? Can you explain the proses of how the court rules on it ty

  4. This would be great if I could only hear his voice and if they would drop the music. Horrible YouTube presentation.

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