The Difference Between Truck Accident Claims and Car Accidents | Phoenix Truck Attorney

The Difference Between Truck Accident Claims and Car Accidents | Phoenix Truck Attorney

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In this Google Hangout John Kelly explains the difference between a car accident and a truck accident relating to injury compensation. 0:16
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– Hi this is John Kelly of the Kelly Law Team. I wanted to speak with you about the differences between a truck accident injury and a car or vehicle accident injury. With truck accidents, there’s a number of huge differences. And the most major ones are that truck accidents kind of heighten everything. There’s usually bigger policies involved because truck drivers are typically working for a company. And there’s more insurance policies to go after. So it’s either the truck driver will have their own insurance policy or the company they work for. Or the products that they’re shipping might come into play. There’s also a lot of other legal avenues that we can use. It may implicate product liability case, that kind of thing. The other issue is that damages are usually higher because these trucks are so big and heavy and the mistakes that they make can cause catastrophic injuries to the clients. So that makes mistakes a little bit higher too. You also have to understand that if you’re trying to negotiate your own case if you’re injured by a truck, they’re gonna have a bigger company involved. And they’re gonna have attorneys for that company that are going to be doing their best to minimize the amount of money that you get out of your settlement. Or your claim against them. So more parties are involved, bigger injuries, mistakes are higher, and all those add up to you need to consult with a personal injury attorney who knows what he’s doing with truck accidents to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make sure that you’re compensated for your injuries and moving forward you don’t have to worry about things coming up.
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