Tenants' Rights in Georgia


Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010
WRFG Labor Forum Program
with Dianne Mathiowetz
“Tenants’ Rights in Georgia”

For more information on tenants’rights in Georgia contact Leigh Craigmyle with Metro Fair Housing Services, Inc. at 404-764-3940 or
Also visit

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8 thoughts on “Tenants' Rights in Georgia”

  1. Pammy Rogers says:

    Before signing a lease first ask other tenants what their experiences are with that property. You can save yourself a lot of grief just talking to other tenants and neighbors.

  2. Dj Migos says:

    The landlord at 2131 cornerstone lane Marietta ga likes to scam people by doing a backdoor eviction after they pay her. Stay away from this property

  3. Public Comment says:

    are you saying that Georgia IS ALLOWED to discriminate against GLBTQ's? hoping that this video is outdated

  4. licia licia says:

    Get it in writing. That things dont work in your apartment make video's of it not working.

  5. licia licia says:

    Do not move to 100 valley Hill rd
    Riverdale ,Ga

  6. Al Harvin says:

    Georgia tenants have a constitutional right to a jury trial.See, Hill vs. Levenson, Ga. Supreme Court (1989)

  7. Sunny says:

    Showed up here due to having issues with the complex in which I currently reside. These two ladies are not addressing the true issues between landlord/tennant contracts. You can tell the interviewer is a homeowner and not directly effected with issues of apartment renters. Most valuable statement made during this convo is that tenants have very little rights in Ga. This needs to change!! Apartment complexes are getting away with robbery and they know there is no penalty. Tenants have to where to turn for assistance and are stuck with leases that complexes are not abiding by.

  8. Church Member says:

    This phone number does not work .I live on Boyd Management properties, she doesn't believe in God I do. She started as soon as i moved in threatening me stating I am not a nice person, I have furniture destroyed due to neglegance of the structure of the building, I have sewage leaking in my apartment from the upstairs apartment, She has admitted entering my apartment without authority several times, I have a witness, She stated it was due to work orders but they never left a note, I have had theft nothing done, slander my name, etc, She is byass what is right for one is wrong for anoother.

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