Tenant Education – Your Rights and Responsibilities (Produced by The City of Waco)

Tenant Education - Your Rights and Responsibilities (Produced by The City of Waco)

Learn about the rights and responsibilities of being a tenant and how to handle certain situations with your landlord or property manager.
“This information is for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. It is based upon the Texas property code. Rules and regulations in other states may vary.”
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  1. Can Section 8 make you downsize to a 1 bedroom if the Apt complex is Privately owned by a company that's a tax credit for low Income. Because you disabled Son is not with you yet

  2. This staff person is a little passive.. explaining to the lady on the phone and just assuming she heard her.. lol

  3. That's when it does come down in going woods for subside they deserve that and more but I'll have nothing to with it

  4. Was it normal wear and tear .prolly stuff they didn't fix the last. They really like collecting unearned income.thats why they never fix anything so people will keep moving out and they get to keep your money.its a good scam.

  5. There all her rights as soon as she signed it lost all rights given to us in the constitution. It say she can't fix and they don't have to

  6. holy crap this works here also in Canada O_O wow unreal thx guys I know this is more for Americans but it seemed to work here as well thank you!

  7. And what if Rent is ready & I notify the landlord it's ready( he always comes to pick it up in person) but he doesn't come to pick it up until the following week?

  8. A landlord most times unless you pay big money for rent will not take the time to either read you the lease or let you read it!I never got to even see my lease until the day I moved in & got the keys

  9. I need some help my neibor beats on the walls. and heavy step the stairs morning nite6month i told manager 8month now manager has notengage my lady friend has ovarian cancer 3rd stage my self i lost75percent of my heart. not able to move not getting enough sleep even with sleep aid. somebody hear. our plea.

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