Telling the Children: separation, divorce and child custody (When Separating)

Chris and Michelle face the practical and emotional challenges of separation and divorce, including arranging how they will each continue to spend time with the kids.

This video drama is part of a series produced by Legal Aid Western Australia to help you if you are separating from your spouse or partner.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Child Custody in Florida

Lead Counsel Marck Joseph, Esq answers common Family Law questions. For assistance with your legal matter, visit, email: or call (305) 501-0992.

Attorney Marck Joseph is a member of the Dade County Bar Association, The Broward County Bar Association, the Wilkie D. Ferguson Bar Association, and the Haitian Lawyers Association and acts as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. Marck Joseph knows how important family matters are, as well as the sometimes devastating consequences that can come from an ugly legal battle. Attorney Joseph handles each case with sensitivity and care, putting your best interests first.

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  1. Your videos are so amazing
    Will be great to be able to afford your services in my actual situation, thanks for so valuable information. Keep going with the good job 👍🏼

  2. I have a question. my husband had a 2 year old prior to us being married. His mother (the child’s grandmother) adopted his daughter in order to terminate the mothers rights who abandoned the child, but my husband still retains his full parental rights of biological father.We are married and have a child on the way. We would like to have myself adopt his daughter, but his mother is going through a mid life crisis in my opinion and is essentially overly attached to the child. She refuses to let anyone adopt the child, and refuses to let the child live with her father full time which was the original verbal agreement between the two.Is there anything we can do to have her removed since she is not the biological mother?

  3. Hey but what if the mom left the child and did not come back at 7 months and the child is now 4 years old

  4. What if you weren’t married when the child was born but later got married. Do you still need to prove paternity?

  5. Is the state trying to incentivize marriage through the use of the natural guardian law. Why can't it just be joint custody regardless of martial status?

  6. Are you in Miami, or Broward. I'm in a difficult and painful process that is affecting my kids .

  7. What about when one of the parents have criminal records…it means you can’t full custody of the children ? …is this mean less child support?

  8. I have a question, I about to go to my final hearing in a couple months and watching your video u say that if we aren’t married, I as the father don’t have rights to my child, so by me signing the birth certificate when he was born still means I don’t have rights?

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