Teacher apologizes for Covington Catholic comments; Next with Kyle Clark full show (1/25/19)

We finally hear from the teacher and union leader who called a student Hitler Youth. – You’ll hear Kyle’s thoughts on the school board that silenced criticism on the issue. – RTD struggles with a seemingly impossible issue.
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20 thoughts on “Teacher apologizes for Covington Catholic comments; Next with Kyle Clark full show (1/25/19)”

  1. Let this be a lesson to all teachers that if you start with this accusation bullshit with NO facts, you're gonna get fucked… simple.

  2. Apology NOT accepted. LAWSUIT MUST BE FILED! That Board must be dissolved. They forget the 1ST AMMENDMENT!

  3. "….about what happened….." note: NOT repentant about what she did… She's playing with words.

  4. If she slandered my kid by associating him with Hitler, I’d destroy her financially, take the roof off from over her kids’ heads and make her grovel and lick my soles for the rest of her hateful life. I’m a cunt like that.

  5. Trump told him to sue em.that's only sane alternative to libs getting away w harassing conservatives for 8 years under demons.

  6. The tweet was already in the public's domain, with the name of the person making the comment included.

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