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Recent Changes in the Child Support Laws – Can They Help Me Get More Assistance?


Barb discusses the recent changes in the law that can determine if you get more assistance with your child when it comes to extracurricular activities. Sherer Law Offices in Edwardsville,

Getting help and advice: finding support for separating parents (When Separating)


Chris and Michelle adapt to living separately as they try to do what is in the best interests of their children. This video drama, part of a series produced by

Your Story Disability Legal Support and the Disability Royal Commission


Your Story Disability Legal Support is a free, independent legal service established to provide legal advice and support to people who want to engage with the Disability Royal Commission. This

Getting a Medical Opinion to Support Your Claim for Veterans Benefits (David Lowenstein)


Attorney David Lowenstein of Goodman Allen Donnelly’s Veterans Benefit Group discusses medical opinions and their role in establishing service connection for a disability. If you would like to speak with

Understanding Child Support In SC


Often when marriages or relationships end, the easy part is dividing assets. The most important part of the discussion doesn’t involve things, though. It involves people – specifically, any children

How to use VA Form 21-2680 to support a claim for VA Aid and Attendance


In this short video, I’ll discuss VA Form 21-2680, which is a doctor’s examination report in support of a claim for VA Aid and Attendance. We’ll discuss 2 of the

Illinois' New Child Support Law and What it Means for You


The way Illinois calculates child support is going to change soon. The old system is dead simple. The new system, not so much. In this video, I talk a bit

Overview of Illinois Child Support 2019 | Learn About Law


In this episode of Learn About Law, we provide a comprehensive overview of Illinois child support law in 2019. We answer many frequently asked questions including: how is #Illinoischildsupport calculated

Raleigh Divorce Lawyer on Child Support in North Carolina

20 Comments Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Lee Rosen on child support in North Carolina. For more North Carolina Child Support info visit Video Rating: / 5 legal aid nc divorce

Mobile Attorney Luke Coley offers Covid19 Family Law information- Visitation, Custody, Child Support


Luke Coley offers legal information on how to handle custody, visitation, and child support during the Covid 19 pandemic. Luke is in solo practice specializing in Family and Juvenile matters

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