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Slip and fall accidents – the world is not flat

The world is not flat! As such, people slip, trip and fall on sidewalks all the time. You can recover in a slip and fall lawsuit if you suffer a personal injury in this type of accident. But it’s not easy.

Welcome to the LawFull Channel. I am a personal injury lawyer and have handled many premises liability cases. However, they are not easy and as such, a slip and fall attorney has to be very careful about what type of cases she or he takes.

Trip and fall cases on public sidewalks are particularly difficult. This is because governmental entities may have “immunity” from being sued. And even if you get past that, you still have to satisfy your state’s legal requirements to bring this type of claim.

Some states may follow a “bright line” test. Meaning, your state requires that to bring this type of case, the crack in the sidewalk must be at least 2 (or whatever) inches. Other states state that the crack must not be de minimis and as such, could not pose an unreasonably safe condition. And other states look at the totality of the circumstances.

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Why you need an experienced Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Why you need an experienced Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

A common way people are injured on a daily basis is what we normally call a slip and fall. A slip and fall can occur in many different ways- it can be at a supermarket, on a side walk, at an apartment complex. All of those present different issues, complicated issues especially in states such as Maryland, that has been very restrictive in the past as far as how their law applies to slip and fall. Many attorneys are very reluctant to take slip and fall cases that have resulted in injury because in many ways they consider that Maryland has essentially said there is no more slip and fall cases to be heard. That it is really up to the pedestrian to make sure that they are safe on the road and they should see the problems in front of them. We have had a significant amount of success in looking closely in each individual case and we take each individual case very carefully. And the reason being is that there are mistakes; many times our clients simply could not have known about a hazard. Because of the nature of these and the types of defendants that are existing it’s important to have the ability to head to head with very well funded Law firms. The right experts, the right background , the investigation can make all the difference in the world. At Portner & Shure, P.A. that’s exactly what our experience is showing to do. We provide the right background, the right research, the right experts, and as a result we’ve been able to successfully represent plaintiffs in numerous cases involving slip and fall cases and fortunately substantial recoveries for our clients.

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Barnes & Cohen Slip & Fall Attorneys

5. Hello, I’m Chuck Barnes with Barnes & Cohen. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall in Florida or South Georgia, trusting the business owner to do the right thing may be a costly mistake. Falls are often captured on video. Evidence can disappear without a prompt investigation. Don’t delay getting the legal help you need. At Barnes & Cohen the consultation is free and the advice could be priceless. Call 346-HELP. New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers , New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer , New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyers , New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyer

New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers
Slip and fall accidents can occur on either private or commercial property and under many different conditions. If you were injured you may be able to take legal action to recover financial compensation for your injuries as a result of the negligence of the owner or others responsible for your slip and fall accident. If you were injured while in the course of employment you may also be entitled to seek compensation from the workers’ compensation system, as well as the insurance company of the property owner, snow removal contractor, property manager or from the government.
While some people may argue that slip and fall accidents are nothing to make a fuss of, the fact of the matter is, these accidents are often a reflection of dangerous conditions on the property where they occurred. This means that the property owner may be liable for them. Injuries that arise from slip and fall accidents can be severe and, in some cases, life-threatening. The New Jersey slip and fall accident attorneys of the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm understand the how grave these kinds of injuries can be and aim to help victims seek compensation from the liable party.
Kinds Premises Liability Cases
Slip and fall accidents fall under a larger category of law called premises liability. Premises liability laws allow people who have been hurt by dangerous, unsafe, or toxic conditions on a property to hold the property’s owner accountable for failing to address those conditions. The following are a few examples of incidents that can be grounds for property liability cases:
“Slip and falls” and “trip and falls”
Falls due to improper lighting or broken stair handrails
Falls due to snow or ice such as freeze and re-freeze
Trips due to potholes in the parking lots of commercial establishments like shopping malls and supermarkets
Dog bites or animal attacks
Injuries from broken or defective equipment at playgrounds or recreational facilities
Assaults due to negligent or inadequate security
Construction accidents and other workplace injuries
Premises liability claims typically arise when a responsibility to create safe conditions is not met. Personal injury cases resulting from slip and falls can be complicated and it’s important to document the condition that caused your fall. We recommend that our clients try and take photos immediately and get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses. Slip and fall injuries become much more commonplace in the wintertime, as there is a much higher danger of slipping and falling, or of hazards being obscured by snow.
Slip and Fall Accidents in the Winter
In the New Jersey it is very common in the winter months to have snow and ice present on walkways, driveways, parking lots, steps and sidewalks. Many people fall during the winter due to snow and ice. There are numerous issues that have to be evaluated when someone falls as a result of snow and ice. Our New Jersey personal injury law firm has tremendous experience representing clients who have fallen due to negligence from improper snow and ice removal, lack of salting and sanding, and or improper drainage. There are many causes of a fall down accident that have to be evaluated promptly.
Determining whether or not there is a potential claim depends on many factors, including answering the following questions:
Where did the slip and fall occur?
Who owned the property where the accident happened?
Was there a recent snowfall or ice storm, or did the slip and fall happen due to accumulated snow or ice that hadn’t been removed according to a local ordinance or poor drainage?
Slip and falls on ice or snow can result in serious injury and, sadly, sometimes death. This is why it is important to consult with a knowledgeable New Jersey Accident lawyer to get information about your legal rights.
Black Ice
Black ice is a very common and treacherous cause of slip and fall accidents in the winter months. There are many causes of the formation of black ice, from poor drainage to improper snow and ice removal, such as piling snow up that then melts and re-freezes.
Investigating Wintertime Slip and Fall Accidents

Contact a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney
At the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, our team of experienced New Jersey slip and fall accident attorneys will begin an investigation as soon as possible. Our attorneys have been protecting our clients’ rights for over 25 years on all types of injury cases throughout the state of New Jersey. Attorney Todd Leonard is Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and he has dedicated his entire career to helping clients obtain the compensation they need. Call our firm at (973) 920-7900 today for a free consultation.
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Value of Slip and Fall Lawsuits

This video will tell viewers about the typical settlement value of slip and fall cases in Maryland. Our firm, Miller & Zois, has handled countless premises liability cases against property owners. Premises liability cases are commonly referred to as “slip and fall” because a customer slipping and falling on a wet surface is sort of the prototypical premise liability case. However, premise liability cases involve much more than just simple slip and fall incidents. Premises liability covers any situation in which a property owner fails to maintain their property in a safe condition, and it results in injury. This can involve things like a collapsing ceiling, lead paint, failure to provide security or adequate lighting, and other things causing injury to individuals on the premises.
So how much are premises liability cases typically worth? Lets start by looking at some statistics. Reported verdicts and settlements in indicates that about 68% of Maryland slip and fall cases had a value somewhere between ,000 and ,000. By contrast, about 5% of slip and fall cases in Maryland resulted in a had a final value above 0,000.
The value of a slip and fall case will be driven by 3 primary factors. The first factor impacting the value of a slip and fall case will always be the nature and severity of the injuries. This is level of injury has the most impact on the value of the case by far. A slip and fall that results in minor injuries such as a sprained wrist or some bruising will naturally be worth much less than a case where someone slips and breaks a leg or worse.
The second factor that dictates the potential value of a slip and fall case is the extent of the property owner’s negligence and resulting liability. Even when a slip and fall results in serious injury, this second factor can often render the case worthless. In most cases, the plaintiff must show that the property owner had actual or constructive knowledge of the hazardous condition in order to establish liability. For example, if a customer walks into a store and slips on a banana peel they would need to prove that: (a) the store owner or employees actually knew or under the circumstances should have known about the banana peel. If the plaintiff cannot prove this notice the case could be worth nothing.

Liability is much easier in cases where the hazardous condition was actually created by the property owner or its employees. The classic example of this is where an employee mops the storeroom floor. In this case, the plaintiff does not to prove actual or constructive knowledge of the wet floor. The property owner is the one who made the floor wet so knowledge is presumed.
The third and final factor in valuation of a slip and fall case is what jurisdiction that lawsuit is filed in. This factor is particularly important in Maryland where slip and fall cases in plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions such as Baltimore City and Prince George’s County are consistently worth more than comparable cases in other counties.
If you have a possible premises liability claim for a slip and fall or another hazard on the property, call our law office today at 800-553-8082.
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