NYC Car Accident Lawyers Answer FAQs: When will I get my car accident settlement money ?

NYC Car Accident Lawyers Answer FAQs: When will I get my car accident settlement money ?

NYC Car Accident Lawyers Answer FAQs: When will I get my car accident settlement money ? How long will my car accident claim take ?
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It’s often better to NOT settle your car accident claim quickly.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you’re likely going through a lot– pain from the injuries you suffered, confusion about the claims process, uncertainty about the future, and stress about the prospect of medical procedures or missed work.At Frekhtman & Associates, our New York City car accident attorneys are passionate about helping victims of serious and catastrophic car accidents in NYC during this trying time. We provide reassurance and legal counsel to car accident victims throughout the NYC area. We believe in gaining justice for our clients by seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages they have incurred.Frekhtman & Associates have successfully assisted victims injured throughout New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn in some of New York State’s top verdicts and settlements, including a trial jury verdict that awarded ,225,000. If you or a loved one has been affected by or injured in a car accident, regardless of whether it was a small fracture or wrongful death, consult with our experienced New York City car accident attorneys to see how they can help your case.

Frekhtman & Associates specialize in serious and catastrophic injury litigation and are recognized as some of the best personal injury lawyers in the New York City area. With offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens F&A works tirelessly to achieve the maximum possible settlement or verdict for our clients. F&A trial attorneys have won some of the top verdicts and settlements in New York State including million, million, and many others. Top results are achieved by early and meticulous preparation, sparing no expense in hiring top experts in the fields of engineering, medicine, safety, accident reconstruction, economics, and other fields. With a large support staff, access to the latest technology, and a team of experienced attorneys the firm specializes in the following practice areas under the field of personal injury:

Truck Accidents
Tractor Trailer Accidents
Box Truck Accidents
Commercial Vehicle Accidents
Garbage Truck Accidents
Dump Truck Accidents
Tanker Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Car Accidents
Brain Injury
Birth Injury : Cerebral Palsy & Erb’s Palsy
Medical Malpractice
Construction Site Accidents
Ladder Accidents
Scaffolding Accidents

F&A has been awarded the 10 Best Attorneys honor for exceptional and outstanding service by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. Potential clients often search for the best truck accident lawyer in the New York City area. The F&A firm was recognized as the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers. If you are looking for top rated personal injury lawyers near you in the NYC area, contact for firm for a confidential consultation. There is never a legal fee until we win money for our clients.
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Dayton Auto Accident Lawyer Gives Mistakes to Avoid for Your Insurance Settlement

Dayton Auto Accident Lawyer Gives Mistakes to Avoid for Your Insurance Settlement

Dayton Car Accident Attorney Anthony Castelli tells you five critical mistakes injury claimants make when dealing with auto accident insurance company claims. Call for a free consultation 937-306-6410 For more information, if you are seeking maximum value as to how much your injury should be compensated, go to http;//

Not every injury claim requires a lawyer. In smaller harm claims a lawyer may not be able to add much value. There is no threat that an experienced lawyer will take a small claim to court. It could easily cost more in litigation expenses than the value of your claim. In my opinion you can deal with your own minor claim. But even on small claims you may have questions. I’m happy to talk with you at no charge even if it is not likely that I will take your case.
But in serious injury claims there are numerous factors that can make or break your claim for fair compensation. Representing yourself or hiring the wrong lawyer can be equally dangerous. So do your homework. Find out how experienced your lawyer is. are they posting testimonials, reviews and results on their web site. Do they come across as sincere and as someone you would like to work with in their videos. Do they seek to educate rather than simply promote themselves as someone you should trust.
You are invited to call me with your question. Before it’s to late and you make a critical mistake that wrecks your claim give me a call.

Anthony Castelli Attorney
70 Birch Alley, Suite 240, Building B,
Beavercreek, Ohio, 45440
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Settlement Value of Torn Rotator Cuff Lawsuits

This video will look at the settlement value of rotator cuff injuries in a typical accident case. Miller & Zois lawyer Ron Miller has handled more than his fair share of rotator cuff injury cases and has spend a lot of time analyzing the average settlement value of these cases (and how to push it higher).

Common Injury

Our accident attorneys see so many shoulder injuries in serious traffic collision cases because the shoulder is particularly vulnerable in an accident. Rotator cuff injuries are the most common type of injury to the shoulder in an accident.


The value of rotator cuff injury claims vary wildly but there are 4 specific variables that drive the value of these claims: The severity of the injury; The age of the victim (values much higher for victims under age 30); Prior medical history; and whether it is a complete or partial tear of the rotator cuff.

The most important of these variable is the severity of the injury. Rotator cuff injuries that require surgery are in a different ballpark than those that are not. Insurance companies (and juries), want to see that you have had the surgery as opposed to intention to have it. We see even greater value in reverse shoulder replacement cases in particular often have a greater value.

The more difficult rotator cuff cases are where the client has a preexisting injury. This cases almost always begin with a subpar offer. The challenge for plaintiffs’ lawyers is when the films show degenerative changes or a prior injury as opposed to an acute trauma. Good lawyers can still win many of these cases. But they are more of a challenge. You have to put your chin strap on, get the best experts, and develop a case the jury can understand.

Settlement Statistics

I’m not a huge fan of settlement and verdict statistics to understand the value of a different case. But they do give you a framework to understand value. So let’s look at the statistics.

The median verdict or reported settlement for a rotator cuff injury case in Maryland is ,000. The median value of a rotator cuff case in D.C. is 0,000. Keep in mind that these are just median averages. Actual awards can be much higher or lower.

Our last major rotator cuff injury case was a very typical scenario. Our client is hit when by a truck making an unsafe right turn and he suffers a significant rotator cuff injury. Insurance companies undervalue rotator cuff cases and This claim was no exception. The insurance company offered ,000 pre-suit. This was a non-starter. We filed a lawsuit. We assumed we were going to trial but the offer kept coming up and up. When the offer reached 5,000, the client decided to settle the case.

If you have a rotator cuff injury case or any other type of personal injury case, call my office today at 800-553-8082. You can find more information here:

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How do I calculate my workers comp settlement?

A common question that injured workers call in about is how to calculate the settlement value of their Ohio BWC workers comp case. In the first part of the video work injury lawyer Kip Malek gives an overview of how settlement amounts are generally calculated for a case that is pending in court. In the second part of the video Kip gives a detailed breakdown of a settlement calculation for Joe Bob who had a workplace injury involving his lower back.

Kip Malek goes through step-by-step of how the past and future medical bills and compensation are figured into the final BWC settlement demand amount.

If you have any additional questions about how work injury attorney Kip Malek calculated the demand or have questions concerning your own workplace injury case please leave a comment below.
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How can I preserve my Medicare coverage after a settlement?

In individual cases, the money you personally receive after paying any lien generally should not affect your eligibility for Social Security Disability Income and Medicare. However, you should discuss with your attorney whether funds might need to be set aside for your future medical treatment. Ask your attorney whether a Medicare Set Aside or MSA is appropriate. Medicare Set Asides are explained more fully on our website. Keep in mind that they are especially important in workers’ compensation cases.
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Long Term Disability Lump Sum Buyout or Settlement Information

Long Term Disability Lump Sum Buyout or Settlement Information

We are available nationwide: call 855-319-4421 or email:

Disability insurance lawyers Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss lump sum buyouts of a long term disability policy.

The disability insurance attorneys at Dell & Schaefer have negotiated thousands of buyouts for long term disability claimants.

Not every disability claimant is eligible for a settlement and not every company offers settlements.

You can learn more about our Lump-Sum Buyout services on our website at



1 – Applying For Disability Benefits:

2 – Appeal Of A Disability Denial (ERISA):

3 – ERISA Disability Lawsuits:

4 – Non-ERISA Disability Benefit Denials:

5 – Monthly Disability Claim Handling:

6 – Lump-Sum Disability Policy Buyouts:


Our nationwide disability insurance attorneys have represented thousands of disabled claimants with their claims for either short term disability, long term disability, or long-term care benefits against every major disability insurance company. We do not charge any fees or costs unless we are able to recover benefits.

Please contact any of our disability lawyers to discuss your claim by calling 855-319-4421 or by email


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Violent criminals in prison collect settlement money from City of Indianapolis

A Call 6 Investigation has uncovered the City of Indianapolis has paid out .17 million since January 2018 to settle lawsuits and claims for things like excessive force, police shootings, pothole damage, and car crashes involving city vehicles.

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Bus Accident Settlement Offers | Tampa Bay Injury Lawyers

Are you being harassed to settle by the insurance company after a bus accident? Watch this video to learn more about bus accident settlement offers.

You may be worried about if you should take the first offer that’s been presented to you after you have submitted a demand. To address this concern, we need to know what the full and fair value of your case is. In general, we work with the opposing side to try to resolve your case without having to file a lawsuit. It’s not because we don’t want to file a lawsuit or represent you in a courtroom. We love representing our clients in a courtroom but ee also know that the practicality of the case is such that it’s going to serve your interest to try to resolve that case fully and fairly without filing a lawsuit if we can get that done.

If we’re presented with an offer after we’ve presented that demand, and if that offer represents the true value of the case, then we may indeed recommend that we accept it. If it doesn’t, then we’re going to enter into negotiations to do everything so that you receive full and fair compensation.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a crash in Florida and have questions about bus accident settlement offers? Contact our dedicated Tampa Bay bus accident attorneys at Perenich The Law Firm today at (727) 500-2358 or visit us online at
Let our experience work for you.

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Typical Bike Accident Settlement Amounts

Video Transcription:
There is no set formula that tells you how much money you will receive from your bike accident. Some people believe that there is a formula out there that if you plug the numbers in that’s how much your case is worth. But this is simply not the truth. Accident cases are much more complicated than this.

Two of the biggest determinants on how much a bike accident case is worth is who was at fault and how serious is the injury. In many situations there is some argument that is made by the defendant that the cyclist was partially at fault. The other issue is how significant was the injury, how much did the medical expenses cost, how long did it take the cyclist to recover, are they physically or mentally limited now or in the future and will they need future medical care. All of these factors come into play when determining the value of a case.

An experienced lawyer who has settled many cases like this will know how to look at all these factors and they will be able to argue your case with the other insurance company to make sure you get a fair settlement.
Have You Been Injured In A Bicycle Accident?

If you’ve been hurt in a Florida bicycle accident you should speak with an experienced bicycle injury lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our office directly at 727.446.0840 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.
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Injured Maritime Worker Wins Record Settlement for Shoulder Injury | Undefeated Maritime Lawyers

Zehl & Associates, PC | Undefeated Maritime Lawyers

While working offshore on a ship between Alaska and Seattle, our client seriously injured his shoulder when the ship encountered 30 foot + swells. After undergoing surgery and extensive therapy, his company continued to ignore him and refused to cover any of his medical bills.

Within 8 months of filing the lawsuit, our Maritime Lawyers negotiated one of the largest settlements in history for our client, ensuring that neither he nor his family would ever have to worry about their future again.

If you or a loved one were injured while working offshore, contact our Undefeated Maritime Lawyers for a Free Consultation at 1-888-603-3636 or by filling out our “Case Review” form at

We’ll answer your questions, explain your rights, and provide you with the information you need to do what’s best for your and your family.

All consultations are free, and because we work exclusively on a contingency fee, you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case.

Zehl & Associates PC
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