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Can a Pre-existing Medical Condition Impact an Accident or Injury Claim?


Location: Atlanta, Georgia Topic: Can Preexisting Medical Conditions Impact an Accident or Injury Claim? Shannon Walshe: Welome to The Daily Two. I am joined today by Jacquie Palisi, Family Safety

How to Win Your Case with a Preexisting Condition

0 Comments Insurance companies often try to deny auto accident and workers’ compensation claims on the allegations that the claimant’s condition is preexisting. However, under the law, it is not necessary

Does a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Disqualify You from Workers Compensation


Are you eligible for Georgia workers’ compensation benefits if your injury was an aggravation of a pre-existing medical condition? Most people do not understand how the workers compensation system in

Pre-existing Injury Defense in Workers' Compensation Claims


The pre-existing injury defense is used way too commonly by insurance companies to deny legitimate workers’ compensation claims. A pre-existing injury defense can be defeated by showing that the prior

Are Preexisting Injuries Good For Car Accident Case?


Pre-existing injuries in a car accident injury case can be a good thing. I know this seems strange but it is actually the case where there is minimum impact from

Permanent Aggravation to Pre-existing Conditions


Marcus Michles discusses permanent aggravation to pre-existing conditions and how it affects your case. If I have a pre-existing condition with my neck or back, will that hurt my right

Preexisting Degenerative Back Conditions in Personal Injury Claims


There is a high possibility of aggravating a preexisting back, neck, or spine condition in auto accident, slip, trip, and fall accident, work place accident, and other serious accidents. Insurance

Aggravating a Pre-Existing Injury Monticello Attorney Ross Downs


Aggravating a Pre-Existing Injury Monticello Attorney Ross Downs Every day, people suffer traumatic injuries due to the negligence of others. These victims may be entitled to compensation from the

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