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If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in the Phoenix area, the Kelly Law Team can provide you with a future medical expense report that will allow you to be compensated for your injuries for up to 30 years.

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Motorcycle Accident

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, we hire the experts you will need to not only get compensated for what is owed to you now, but we get a future medical expense report that will allow you to be compensated for how your accident can affect you in the future; five years, ten years, or 30 years.

If you are looking for maximum compensation for your injuries, call us today at 602-283-4122.
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motorcycle personal injury lawyer

Auto Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Bicycle Accident Attorney Palm Harbor FL 727-725-0200
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“Choosing the right lawyer is no accident.” Do not judge you personal injury by the damage to your automobile in a traffic crash. Your cars injury are always different than you bodies. Contact an Attorney with experience handling the insurance companies.

Bicycle crash! You have been struck by a moving vehicle, truck, car, you name it. What are your rights? Are you injured? Hospital visit, broken bones, call an attorney who has experience with this type of accident.

Margaret Swope is a managing member of the firm. She is admitted to practice in all state courts in Florida and the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Florida. She is a member of both the Clearwater Bar Association and the St. Petersburg Bar Association. She has successfully represented hundreds of accident clients.

Scott Swope is a former traffic Homicide Investigator with the Sheriff’s office.

Our attorneys are well-qualified to handle your car accident claim. The accident lawyers at Swope Law, P.L. have helped hundreds of accident victims throughout the Tampa Bay Area in the last 15 years. Each client meets with a lawyer at the initial free consultation. To enable our clients open access to their lawyer, our clients receive their lawyer’s cellular telephone number and personal email address.

Most accident law firms only handle personal injury legal matters. At Swope Law, P.L., our lawyers are experienced in handling a wide range of legal matters, including debt collection claims, foreclosure defense, contract claims and defenses, real estate litigation, business litigation, and landlord/tenant law. Many times, our accident clients’ injuries prevent them from working which can result in a whole host of additional legal problems. Most accident law firms will refer their clients out to other lawyers to handle these ancillary legal matters. At Swope Law, P.L., we will assist our clients with any legal matter that is within our abilities. Many times, we are able to handle these other legal matters without collecting a fee from our clients up front.

1. Take Pictures. Take lots of pictures. Take pictures of all cars involved in the accident. Take the pictures from multiple angles and multiple distances. Take pictures of the roadway, skid marks, and debris on the roadway. Take pictures of applicable street signs such as stop signs, no-turn signs, etc. If you have bruising, cuts, scrapes, or abrasions, take pictures of them every day until they go away.

2. Get the Names of Witnesses. Independent witnesses could be your only way of proving who was at fault for the car accident. The insurance company will almost always claim that you were at fault, or at least partially at fault. Get the witnesses’ name, address, and telephone number.

3. File a Police Report. Sometimes the at-fault driver will ask you not to call the police. Don’t listen to them; call the police! Insurance companies look at car accidents without a police report as being very minor, and thus not worthy of a reasonable settlement. Besides, Florida law requires an accident report on all car accidents that involve injuries.
4. Take Notes. If the person who caused the car accident apologizes or admits his wrongdoing, write it down. It’s best if you can take down his exact words. A person’s apology or admission of fault can be used against him or her in the future.

5. Go to the Right Doctor, Right Away. Don’t delay. Timely documentation of your injuries is critical. If you don’t go to the doctor within 14 days after an accident, you may lose ,000 in PIP benefits. Not all doctors are created equal. Most doctors are excellent clinicians and do wonderful work for their patients. However, not all doctors know how to properly handle and document treatment arising from a car accident. Many primary care physicians who routinely handle colds, checkups, cholesterol monitoring, and other general medical treatment are ill-equipped to handle car accident injuries. There are many doctors who specialize in treating people who have been injured in car accidents. Those doctors include chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, and pain management specialists. We prefer doctors whose practices are a blend of car accident victims and managed care patients. We do not recommend treating with doctors who only handle car accident claims. Also, be cautious about going to the emergency room. Hospital emergency rooms are extraordinarily expensive and can use up most or all of your available personal injury protection insurance benefits in a single visit. Obviously, if you have a life threatening injury you should go to the emergency room. For a list of some quality doctors we have worked with, click here.

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While bike riding on vacation, I decided to take out my iPhone and explain a couple of quick bicycle riding tips.

Many bike accidents are preventable. In some cases the driver doesn’t see the bike rider or the bicyclist doesn’t pay attention to the rules of the road.

Listen in as I give you a quick tip just before I head into Alligator Alley on Sanibel Island in Florida.

Watch the video to learn more.

Here’s a cardiac malpractice case where I was able to achieve a million dollar settlement for my client:

Here’s a foot surgery case where a Westchester, NY jury awarded my client .55 million dollars for her pain and suffering:

To learn more about how medical malpractice cases work in the state of New York, I encourage you to explore my educational website, ‪‬.

If you have legal questions, I invite you to pick up the phone and call me at 516-487-8207 or by email at This is what I do every day and I’d be happy to chat with you.

Law Office of Gerald Oginski
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Twitter: #GerryOginski
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Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyer in Kentucky… We Fight for Injured People

At Kaufman & Stigger, PLLC, we do one thing, personal injury law. Our team of attorneys have decades experience fighting for the rights of motorcycle accident victims and their families. If you were injured, speak directly to one of our attorneys. The injury case review is always free.

Too often distracted drivers cause serious motorcycle injury accidents. It is important that you know and understand your rights as an injured person. When you Get The Tiger on Your Side, you get excellent client service and a thorough case investigation.

We have helped thousands of clients receive millions of dollars in settlements and court rulings. Let us fight for you like we did them.

To get the conversation started call, text or live chat now. Go to

motorcycle accident injury lawyer

Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney- Kelly Law Team

In this Google Hangout Attorney John Kelly from -Kelly Law Team- tells us the particularities of Motorcycle accidents and how they differ from car and truck accidents and why it is important that you choose a lawyer with experience.

If you have any questions or comments please post them below or visit us at

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Full transcript of content:
– Hi, this is John Kelly of the Kelly Law Team. Wanted to talk to you about motorcycle accidents and some of the things that I see in my law firm that make them unique. These cases have a lot of properties that are very different than auto accidents, truck accidents. The first part of it is the actual accident, and, you know, there’s certain norms on the road with motorcycles. There’s things that motorcycle riders know that, you know, most people that just drive cars don’t know, so some of those things have to be investigated properly from the very start, so I make sure that our firm gets out there. I’ll often hire an investigator. Look at the scene, talk to witnesses, get video if we can, review reports, and make sure that we’re establishing a strong foothold on the case right from the start. We’ve actually had a lot of success in motorcycle accident cases recently, and pretty unique to my firm is that, you know, I focus on making sure these cases are really looked at clearly, because there’s, like I said, some unique properties about them. Again, another things is that damages in these case are often very high compared to just auto accidents, and catastrophic injuries require a lot of kind of savvy understanding of how to navigate the system, and we’ve been very successful in making sure that we’re approaching these cases very quickly and trying to get them resolved in a way that the insurance companies are understanding. The last thing that people want to know is, you know, how are you gonna get my case settled? Is it gonna go to trial? My cases don’t generally. You go to trial because I pursue them early, because I get the investigation done early. I build up the damages. We often do video with our clients to present in the demand, and make sure that we’re really going strong early on and again, been very successful in that kind of case, so if you have any questions regarding this, please give me a call at the Kelly Law Team. It’s 283-4122.
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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in New Hampshire – Motorcycle accidents can have serious and devastating long-term …

motorcycle accident attorney

What to do if Someone Has a Motorcycle Accident!

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Motorcycle Accident on Rt.17 South 02/17/2020

Motorcycle Accident on Rt.17 South in Hasbrouck Heights
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Georgia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Sport Bike Accident Victim

Georgia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Sport Bike Accident Victim

Georgia Motorcycle Injury Lawyers
Offices in Atlanta (Duluth) and Athens

A motorcycle accident almost always results in injury to the rider, frequently catastrophic injury or death. If the actions of another motorist or road conditions caused the crash, contact the Georgia motorcycle injury lawyers of Gary Martin Hays & Associates. We represent motorbike accident victims statewide. Having seen the devastation to riders and their families, our Atlanta-based law firm is also dedicated to motorcyclist safety and public awareness.

Call Gary Martin Hays & Associates.
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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers | Hurt on a Motorcycle? | Alexander & Catalano

If you or a loved one were hurt on a motorcycle, don’t wait to contact our New York motorcycle accident lawyers. As motorcycle accidents can be especially unforgiving in terms of severity of injuries, it’s imperative that you meet with Alexander & Catalano’s motorcycle accident lawyers so you don’t get stuck with a mountain of medical bills from an injury that was caused from someone else’s negligence.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Alexander & Catalano will meet with you for a free initial consultation,evaluating your case and your legal options.

Additionally, Alexander & Catalano’s New York personal injury lawyers provide legal representation on a contingency basis. What that means for you is that you pay no attorney fees unless we win your case.

At Alexander & Catalano we have helped many victims over many decades. Injured on a motorcycle? Call the Heavy Hitters.

Call: 1-800-LAW-1333
Visit our website:

motorcycle personal injury attorney

California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers | Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers | Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The California motorcycle accident lawyers at Bisnar | Chase have extensive knowledge in the area of motorcycle accidents and biker’s rights and have successfully represented clients who have been involved in serious motorcycle accidents.

We only represent the victim not the offender and our motorcycle lawyers are trial attorneys which means your lawsuit won’t be handed off to another attorney. We see our cases through to the end whether it’s pre-litigation, litigation, settlements and finally, trial.

A serious motorcycle accident can leave you with broken bones, head injuries and post traumatic stress. We want to help you recover emotionally and financially.

As a rider, you are vulnerable to the conditions of the road and other driver’s actions. This is how most accidents occur. The negligence of other driver’s on the road. And it ends up you being the one that pays the price.

You’ll want a California motorcyle trial attorney that has experienced fighting for their clients. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have over 35 years winning motorcycle accident injury cases.

Depending upon the particulars of your case, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries, property damage, future losses, medical expenses, and other related costs for your motorcycle accident injury.

For more information or to speak with an aggressive California motorcycle accident trial lawyer at Bisnar Chase.

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys
1301 Dove St. #120
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 203-3814
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