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Medical Malpractice in the Florida Prison System | Leesburg FL Lawyer


Medical Malpractice in the Florida Prison System Leesburg FL Lawyer Some incarcerated individuals are not treated properly in Florida prisons. If you plan on making a medical malpractice claim

Accommodating the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) | Ohio State Medical Center


Professor John D. Corrigan, PhD the director of the Ohio Brain Injury Program at Ohio State University & Jennifer Bogner, PhD, discuss how to accommodate or address potential barriers to

Birth Error Medical Negligence Compensation


The family of a girl who was starved of oxygen during her birth has been awarded significant medical negligence compensation after going to the High Court in London. The court

How Much Time Do You Have To Make A Medical Negligence Claim


A question we are often asked here at Pryers Solicitors is are any time limits for making a medical negligence claim. If you feel you have a potential claim for

Essential Tips for Negotiating a Medical Lien (Ep.63)

0 Comments There are a few things you should know about repaying liens placed by health care providers on your injury settlement proceeds. If you negotiate well, you may only have

Getting a Medical Opinion to Support Your Claim for Veterans Benefits (David Lowenstein)


Attorney David Lowenstein of Goodman Allen Donnelly’s Veterans Benefit Group discusses medical opinions and their role in establishing service connection for a disability. If you would like to speak with

Brain Injury Compensation – Guiding you through a medical negligence claim


A brain injury can occur when nobody is at fault, but sadly it can also occur as a result of a medical accident. People across the entire age spectrum can

Who pays for the medical and repair bills after the accident


Who pays for the medical and repair bills after the accident After an accident, one of the first questions that may pop into your head may be, who is responsible

Why Your Workers' Compensation Medical Records Matter


When you get medical treatment for a workers’ compensation injury, your medical providers record information about your treatment in medical records. The insurance company receives copies of the medical records

Utah Mom Could Lose Custody of Kids Because of THC in Her System, Although She is Legal Medical Mari


A Salt Lake City mother says she feels like she is being persecuted for following the law, and she may lose custody of her kids. legal aid utah custody

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