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Don't Listen to the Insurance Company, Dial #LAW


I’m John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan. When you’re hit from behind in a car crash, the insurance company may try to say: “You can’t possibly be hurt, it was

Cariati Law Ontario Disability Insurance Law Firm

0 Comments If you are suffering from long-term or partial disability, Cariati Law can help you get the insurance money you need for your family and your care. The Ontario injury

Do I need a car accident lawyer during the insurance claims process?


Simple, clear-cut claims may not, at the outset, need an attorney. However, there are times when it is prudent, and even imperative, to contact an attorney about a pending auto

What Insurance Should Cover my Property Damage After an Accident? | Personal Injury Attorney


Following an accident, you probably will be involved in property damage issues, the repair or the replacement of your vehicle. There are two sources of compensation you are going to

Leesburg FL car accident lawyer explains the insurance companies defenses

0 Comments Florida trial lawyer, Guy S. DiMartino, DC, JD explains the common defenses that we see in a Florida car accident (motor vehicle) case. If you have any questions about

Florida Car Accident Lawyer| Filing a claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance

0 Comments| If your injured in a car accident or slip and fall and need to make a claim with Liberty Mutual, listen to this video and find out about dealing

Can You Get Personally Sued With Car Insurance? : Auto Insurance


Subscribe Now: Watch More: Whether or not you can get personally sued with car insurance depends on the answer to a few important questions. Find out if you

State farm insurance claim # 47-6830-Z21


State farm insurance claim # 47-6830-Z21 Video Rating: / 5 When you have been in a car wreck, your adrenaline will be running high and you may not realize you

Bodily Injury Settlement Discussion with Insurance Claims Adjuster, Part Two


Mr. Jones is an injured claimant from a car accident – he is not represented by a lawyer. See what happens in his discussion with the Claims Adjuster for the

Definition of Personal Accident Insurance : Supplemental Insurance & More


Subscribe Now: Watch More: Personal accident insurance is defined by all insurance companies in a very specific and direct way. Learn the definition of personal accident insurance with

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