Synapse’s Jennifer Cullen talks about the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland


Synapse’s Jennifer Cullen talks about the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland

Almost half of all people who sustain serious personal injuries on Queensland’s roads are not eligible to receive compensation through Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance, as it is a fault-based scheme.
To address this gap, the Queensland Government has introduced the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland, providing lifetime treatment, care and support, regardless of fault.

A serious personal injury is life-changing and leaves a person with a permanent disability, requiring assistance in their everyday life.
The Scheme assists people with serious personal injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents to undertake their daily activities, maximise their independence and participate in community life.

Jennifer Cullen, CEO of Synapse shares her story.

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Seth Rollins stands up to Brock Lesnar despite injury: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

Despite suffering injured ribs at the hands of Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins shows no fear in the face of The Beast Incarnate ahead of their Universal Title Match at SummerSlam.


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20 thoughts on “Synapse’s Jennifer Cullen talks about the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland”

  1. Yourandomencounter /Nate says:

    Seth is rocking John Morrison's hair early years

  2. Blockade says:

    I know this is fake and scripted but damn just imagine the pain of a steel chair going to your injured ribs

  3. Anjan Ram says:

    Brock should have killed that show off seth rollins

  4. Viswanee Mungroo says:

    Replica belt again🤣😂

  5. martha ramos says:

    Where’s becky I also think they should kiss

  6. Ayoub Benmezoughi says:


  7. David Bahena 19 says:

    This was on my birthday 🙂

  8. Grant Kerr says:

    Dunno what you're all talking about. This is my favourite version of Seth Rollins: melodramatic, low-energy take on Ron Burgundy trapped in a glass case of emotion; crowd so disengaged that they're not even feeling their own 'what?' chant. Ring attire: grey jeans and no top. Even his hair looks washed but not feeling it. Hilarious promo.

  9. LEVSKI 1914 says:

    Lesnar is gei

  10. Caelan Serrano says:

    3:13 lmfaoo that one person screaming "YOU SUCK"

  11. Brea B dog says:

    Sad 😥😥😭

  12. Executnr says:

    Ribs aren't that low, an the tape is thin, an your not supposed to tape broken ribs anyway

  13. Tika Biswakarma says:

    Hahahha if u injured why go to attack brok lesnar?😀😀

  14. Maurice Miller says:

    Wwe lame asf now. They would have never did this in the attitude era

  15. Chris Brown says:

    Is Seth Rollins’s skin is white or brown

  16. Aidyn Leya says:

    2 Goats

  17. muzammel haque says:

    I like the beast of brock lesner

  18. SheckleRFan715 says:

    Seth's shirt is badass.

  19. Psychology Passionate says:

    That awkward moment when you get beaten so hard you have no choice but switch Career into a motivational speaker.

  20. Aidyn Leya says:

    And now look at Rollins, is the champ once again because he earned it.

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