Suing For Emotional Distress (Starring Chelsea Handler)


Segment I did for the Chelsea Lately show.
Had an amazing time shooting this skit. Thank you E! & Chelsea Handler for letting me film. Hope you guys like it.

suing someone for emotional distress

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20 thoughts on “Suing For Emotional Distress (Starring Chelsea Handler)”

  1. blu dimitri etrigan says:

    do you also have the "UNLICENSED Therapist" skits?

  2. Just blaze 25 says:


  3. Somebody LovesYou says:

    Aww congratulations

  4. Cofresh says:

    I knew u looked familiar from somewhere

  5. Ms March says:

    lucky u!  that was really good 🙂

  6. Ashley Teague says:

    I loved it, so funny.

  7. Ruth Shithigona says:

    Awesome! I love it!

  8. Krystal Estrada says:

    Lmfao omg that was really good.

  9. 5foot Giant says:

    Congrats getting on TV! You looked like you were trying so hard not to laugh so I bet you lost it once you were off camera!😂 and dayyuum! You + a suit = 😍 I bet all the other girls agree with me when I say you looked good!

  10. Chandler Smith says:

    omfg I swear it looked like you were trying not to laugh the whole time my fave part was with the gay boyfriend lol

  11. JAEL_Minaj says:

    ewww Mystic!!!

  12. Donte Bates says:

    idk how  u were able to not bust out laughing wen chuy was "crossing the border" and the I lost it myself when Chelsea just basically said hey mark your gay now this is your boyfriend

  13. TheYellowRose7 says:

    Y a y y o u!

  14. Jay Johnson says:

    i dont like how well he accepted the gay boyfriend though …. he didnt even object . lol

  15. NIYA keepitreal says:

    omg I saw this and I was freaaking out!!!!!!!! #teammystic  

  16. Lidia Sandoval says:

    OMG Congrats! I'm so proud of you, this is a big accomplishment & you totally deserved it, great job ((: #teammystic  !

  17. Kristina Davis says:

    congrats #teammystic

  18. Tynisha Stone says:


  19. Samantha Duverglas says:

    I don't know how you held back you're laugh. Awesome job mystic.

  20. Samantha Duverglas says:

    I don't know how you held back you're laugh. Awesome job mystic.

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