SSI & an Accident Settlement: Atty. Jess Leventhal comments

A caller to The American Law Journal asks what will happen to his disability benefits after he receives a settlement from a vehicle accident. Atty. Jess Leventhal of Leventhal, Sutton & Gornstein comments.

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In individual cases, Medicaid has a “lien” only where a Medicaid beneficiary’s injuries are associated with third-party liability. In almost all states, there is no similar “lien” for SSI benefits. The Medicaid lien always runs from the date of your injury and ends on the date of your settlement, because that is the only period for which the third party is liable. Further, the Medicaid lien is limited to injury-related medical expenses and does not include any payments Medicaid would have paid had the incident not occurred.

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  1. Please I have 2 questions and both of them regarding the same issue, I have an ssi income and ssdi income as well, but my Medicaid benefits comes through the ssi not from ssdi, so my question is if I get lump sum award because of the claim for pain and suffering after involved in car accidents, so would that will cut off my Medicaid benefits because I am very sure it will be affected-my ssi income. The other question, I had a consultation from attorney which she had confirmed that the pain and suffering claim or award will not consider as income and will not affect your (ssi income) at all, we are living in Michigan state , please can you clarify it for me ?

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