Special Discussion On DVC -Magistrate passed Maintenance & Family And Legal Counseling || Helpline

Special Discussion On DVC -Magistrate passed Maintenance & Family And Legal Counseling || Helpline

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6 thoughts on “Special Discussion On DVC -Magistrate passed Maintenance & Family And Legal Counseling || Helpline”

  1. Deeni valla baadha padutunna vaari sangathi yenti? Donga mundalu chaala mandi unnaru. Thoooooo. … atuvanti vaalla bathuku. ….

  2. I need good hort ed human being help.bcause I'm harassed by my family numbers.after filing the case harassment started by society.i hv been suffering mental taurchor from lost 2003 case filing at 2008.it has not been solved.some body is trying to kill me. Some police&lowers r cooperate to them.i don't have stamina in my brain.iam physically and mentally soo veek health.so much pressure on my brain. God only helping some times sending some persons.they r help and save me economically ,medically.(know iam getting some pressure from some persons. I am not able to believe police and lowers and magistrates.also no use to ask help from them. I need good horted and daring and humanity persons help.i need some moral support.

  3. What do you people think of men … women r blaming men trying to spolie men life… Law have to change
    .. everyone r equal..it may be men or women

  4. This people is not showing the correct way to the people,they r ancaraging wife 's ,they r not helping the men.they r telling like kach and kill the husband.

  5. DVC is commercial, not for saving family. It collapse family system and increases the divorce rate. People misusing DVC for settling the scores.It is completely biased and commercial.The women really facing DV not coming and filing. Only the people only want to settle the scores only doing all these things.

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