Speaker Desmond Cole Addresses Illegal Police Carding Tactics At BlackLifesMatter Protest


Radio Speaker Desmond Cole Addresses the Illegal Toronto Police Carding Tactics, along with a number of other issues at the #BlacklifesMatter Protest in Toronto Canada In front of the Police Head Quarters, on May 2 2015.
Desmonds Twitter can be found in the Link Below

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2 thoughts on “Speaker Desmond Cole Addresses Illegal Police Carding Tactics At BlackLifesMatter Protest”

  1. dundem187 says:

    Guns advocates were crying about how the long gun registry criminalized legal gun owners. Yet that demographic are the same ones who advocates carding which criminalizes legal citizens.

    Beware of the white hypocrisy. Their entitlement knows no bounds.

  2. Khiro Dey says:

    Toronto Police carding.

    The drivers license was issued first to ex- slaves in the United States through the excise tax, as a way to limit revenue loss by keeping the ex slave from travelling out of the state. It is also designed  to stagnate a people.  It also serves as an instrument to extract revenue in the form of fines keeping the community poor. If the slave laws and practice have been abolished, why is this “carding”still taking place?

    Thank you for your time.

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