Solitary confinement|Jail rules|prisoners rights in Pakistan|Jail Manuel in Pakistan|Inayatullah Adv


Solitary confinement|Jail rules|prisoners rights in Pakistan|Jail Manuel in Pakistan|Inayatullah Adv

Solitary confinement
Jail Manuel
prisoners Rights in Pakista
prisoners in Pakistan
punishment of crime in Pakistan
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3 thoughts on “Solitary confinement|Jail rules|prisoners rights in Pakistan|Jail Manuel in Pakistan|Inayatullah Adv”

  1. Shamsher Haider says:

    WELL EXPLAINED, PROUD OF YOU SIR, Legal Information is the one an only forum where we can get real information regarding law an courts.
    Hats off

  2. Ali Raza says:

    Mujay 324 may 2 years ki sza hui thee mujay musalsal 3 month 9 days single rakha gya sirf roti daynay k liy ik banda aata thaa 3 din may ik dfa 2 hours k liy chaki say nikàltay thaay sirf ik police wala Nazar aata thaa jo gate pay hota thaa. sirf es liy k deputy jailar k son ka friend thaa jis ko bullet lagi thee and en three months nine days may kisi ko milnay nhi dia gya muj say,

  3. Ali Raza says:

    Well done sir

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