SIM card swapping scam leaves victims vulnerable to identity theft

Police across North America are warning phone users of a dangerous new scam called “SIM card swapping.”

Mike Drolet explains what it is, and the dangerous mistakes both carriers and customers make that can make things easier for criminals.

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“False impersonation” is when you assume the identity of another real person in order to harm that person or to gain some unjust benefit for yourself.

Found in California Penal Code 529 PC, the crime is often alternatively called false impersonation or false personation. The person whom you are impersonating must be a real one, not merely a fictitious character, and you must be doing it for a fraudulent purpose, such as embarrassing the person online or using their identity to steal funds or assets.

in this video, a criminal defense lawyer explains the law of Penal Code 529 false personation, as well as the penalties and legal defenses.

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