Settling a Florida Workers' Comp Claim – What Are You Entitled to?

Do you know what to expect when settling a workers’ compensation claim? How are lost wages and future medical expenses handled? Workers’ comp attorneys Eddie Farah and Bruce Feifer discuss the benefits of settling your Florida workers’ compensation case and what to expect.

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Video Rating: / 5 – Michael J. O’Connor & Associates Attorney William A. Kovalcik speaks about the settlement of a workers’ compensation case.

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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. dear Sir My lawyer try to sold me out > the Essay Motion is total invalid I know that we dont need fill any Motion as we can see and know that all Papers Court need are listed in the Governamnet Offices that handle all situations , LSO,Hospital,tax offices ,etc…
    my questions is if I want to cancel the existent Motion or Upgrade it I can write a letter of <Service notice of motion or a Affidavit ???
    Thanks in advance best regards

  2. Settlement can involve many factors, and not every case should be settled. As indicated in this video, the claimant must plan ahead in how the settlement will provide for their needs in the future.

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