Sacramento Construction Accident Lawyer: Is your recovery limited to work comp?

Sacramento construction accident attorney Kyle K. Tambornini discusses the cross-over between a personal injury claim and a workers compensation claim, in relation to a construction site injury.

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When an employee is injured at a construction site, he has a claim against his employer, through workers’ compensation. And he may or may not, also have a claim against a Third Party, if his injury was caused as a result of someone else’s bad actions or somebody else’s fault.

So, for example, if another subcontractor on the construction site drops something on the injured worker, causing his injuries, that person could bring the workers’ compensation claim. And he can also bring a claim against the other subcontractor, for causing his injuries. That’s called the Third Party Claim.

And it’s important to get an attorney if that happens. To get an attorney who knows both the workers’ compensation claim system, as well as knows the Third Party system. In order to make sure that the injured worker receives the maximum recovery and compensation for his losses. Each system covers different things.

In the workers’ compensation case, there are limitations on what you can recover in the workers’ compensation case. And so, it’s important to have an attorney who can understand both systems, to help you through that process.

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