Ricky Gervais needs LEGAL ADVICE for his awards show pranks… | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

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Ricky Gervais talks to Graham Norton about how he prepares for the Golden Globes and doesn’t let any one see his script before hand except for a lawyer at the last minute.

Together on Graham’s sofa tonight: British racing star Lewis Hamilton, fresh from winning his sixth Formula One world title; Hollywood star Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect), playing Bosley in the new Charlie’s Angels movie, which she also wrote and directed; comedy superstar Ricky Gervais, starting a world tour of his new stage show SuperNature; and pop queen Kylie Minogue, who chats and performs a special version of her No.1 hit single Slow.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 26 Episode 8 | BBC

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What defenses do the Trump Administration defenders have left?
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From the New York Times:
“Republicans mounted an array of defenses of President Trump at this week’s impeachment hearings — making arguments that at times seemed to conflict with one another logically, but that dovetailed in a key way: All served to undermine Democrats’ allegations that Mr. Trump abused his power. In angry statements from the hearing dais, lines of questioning to witnesses and comments during breaks to reporters, Republicans sought to poke holes in the strength of evidence that Mr. Trump personally put a condition on the government committing official acts — namely, that Ukraine publicize investigations that could benefit him. But at other times, Republicans suggested that Mr. Trump’s pursuit of those investigations was justified — reading into the record related facts and allegations about Ukrainian actions in 2016 and about the Ukrainian gas company Burisma and its decision to give Hunter Biden, the son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., a lucrative board seat.”

As I see it, here are the main Republican legal defenses:
No quid pro quo
It’s all hearsay
The aid was released (the Sideshow Bob defense)
The Ukranians didn’t feel pressure (no harm no foul)
The Ukranians didn’t have to pay
No mens rea
It’s foreign policy
The state department went rogue
The President must root out corruption
It’s bad but not impeachable

Great article by Elie Mystal, who you should definitely be following
I also recommend Orin Kerr: https://twitter.com/OrinKerr/status/1194320853929848832
And definitely read Neal Katyal: https://twitter.com/neal_katyal

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38 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais needs LEGAL ADVICE for his awards show pranks… | The Graham Norton Show – BBC”

  1. to offend people nowadays is actually the easiest thing in the world.
    enter a room full af self proclaimed liberals and cough.
    half of them will demand to have you removed immediately, 20% will call their lawyer, 20% will demand the censoring of everything you just said and 10% will call their psychotherapist because of the irredeemable damage you`ve just done to their mental health.

    no, I`m just kidding!
    it`s actually enough to look them straight in the eye. they will immediatly start to cry and call for momy. it`s not their fault. they had never a chance to really grow up. modern society does`nt need them to.

  2. FINALLY Ricky will be back in 2020 to save the Golden Globes!!!! He REALLY knows how to insult hollywood😂😂

  3. Love Gervais. Especially on these chat shows. Sitting there. Usually denims casual on and just owns it. Guys class

  4. I reckon if you look in rickys wardrobe there's a thousand black jumpers and a thousand denim jeans and ONE pair of shitty black shoes 😂😂😂

  5. Question regarding attempted bribery: when I was living in Turkey, I heard several people say that it's a good idea to keep some cash money between the pages of your driving license and car registration documents, because some policemen are corrupt and will just take the money and let you go, while the others can't prove that you were trying to bribe them, as you left the cash there "by accident". Would that reasoning hold in a US court?

  6. Was what Biden did to Ukraine a quid pro quo? Wouldn’t that be just as bad if not worse? He openly admitted to it on camera yet everyone including the media make excuses for him and protect him.

  7. Nice transition to the ad. Very nice coverage here. I don't know what to do… If I send this to people with doubts or who already lean in Trump's favor, they'll tell me some weird stuff I don't understand.

  8. Wait…you literally mention there was no defense on why the funds were withheld but in your next sentence, you say it has to do with anticorruption….er…

  9. Your ridiculous biased opinions would have us impeach a duly elected President of the United States on heresay. Not gonna happen.

  10. "No 'quid pro quo'." = "We made the deal, but we didn't speak any Latin at the time. Just read the transcript. No Latin at all."

  11. I'm not an American, so, I don't really give a shit about Democrat or Republican, I'm just a curious person. But from following the impeachment process and reading the comments here from the republican people, I can actually see the pattern of ignoring the truth, and the desire to win every argument, even when they were obviously wrong.

    It will be interesting to see whats gonna happen to these people in 20 years from now. Are they gonna look back, and regret the things that they did and said, or just continue to be these people, and continue to strive for wins, screw the losers, and damn the consequences.

  12. holy shit right wingers in the comments are LITERALLY denying reality. Attempted Crime is still a crime. These people never gave a shit about the Constitution, they will do anything they can to keep their demagogue in office

  13. Dude play all of Sondlands interview where he says that trump told him no quid pro quo, but Sondland still assumed there was one

  14. we talked about this in my international relations class, and my professor says that world leaders withhold aid all the time in exchange for actions taken. however, it depends on whether it is for personal political gain or for institution building and strengthening worldwide democracy/security. he's a pretty nonpartisan guy and left it up to us to decide how we feel about this lol.

  15. Well, with the question of power, Congress has power over the USPS, and the number one thing they do not done down party lines is renaming a post office. So……can I bribe every member of Congress $100 a piece to have a post office named for me?

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