Reducing Personal Injury Victim's Medical Bills and Liens


Getting a big settlement or verdict is a big deal in personal injury cases. But, sometimes, the most significant work a lawyer can do is fight hard to reduce outstanding medical bills and any medical liens that must be paid back.

Some lawyers fight like crazy to reduce these liens and bills because they desperately want to increase the amount of money. Others barely lift a finger because it does not increase the attorneys’ fees to get a big win on the liens in bills. You put in the blood and sweat only if you really care about the client and getting them the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

The goal here is simple: you want your client to pay less. There are many legal arguments that can be advanced to reduce bills, most notably when the law requires a reduction for attorneys’ fees. But you really can’t forget the importance of equitable arguments. No one at Allstate or State Farm will focus on how screwed your client is getting in all of this. But often a health care provider or the client’s own insurance company might (if you make the right presentation).

Keep in mind that there are some states where there is no required subrogation on some medical liens. Regrettably, Maryland provides no such relief.

You can find more detailed information on medical lien reduction on our website:

This is a sample request for a lien reduction:

You can also find the law on your ethical obligations with respect to lien’s as a Maryland attorney here:

Note: this video was shot in 2012. But rewatching the video in 2019, there is nothing that is less true today than it was in 2012.
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