r/choosingbeggars | She wanted FREE Legal Advice

Storytime r choosingbeggars where Woman demanded we give her a table we weren’t selling. Person I barely know asking for free legal advice. CB tries to commit theft. Choosing Beggar demands I give her a donation to good will. You will give me my money back! β€œtHeRe’S aN aTm RiGhT tHeRe”. Toronto Choosing Beggar.

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i need legal advice now

20 thoughts on “r/choosingbeggars | She wanted FREE Legal Advice”

  1. For the lady asking for tables evertime someone does a yard sale they should put photos saying πŸ“ πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ 4️⃣ β›΅ see if she understand that better πŸ˜‚

    I dont have a table emoji lol

  2. I can’t get Ram from re:zero playing dance dance revolution out of my head when i hear ddr ram

  3. 13:05 … Uh oh … that doesn't bode well … he is literally too stupid to turn the computer on … this is going to be a huge pain in the future …

  4. That last story reminds me of a time a Coworker purchased a large sandwich that could easily have been cut in half to make two meals, a small bag of chips and a soda for one of the homeless guys who lived in the area. My coworker cashed out at the self check out, handed the guy the bag. The guy took the bag and "left" and my coworker got back to doing her job. A very short time later the guy returns with the bag in hand and comes over to me at the customer service desk and said he wanted to return the items. I asked if there was anything wrong with the items or if they weren't the correct flavor he liked and he said no he just wanted the cash. So I asked "What do you plan to use the cash for?" I did not expect an honest answer, but he surprised me and gave me one. His answer was "Booze!" So I told him I was sorry, but I would not be returning the items for cash. I told him that if he wanted a different flavor of soda or different chips I would do an exchange, but under no circumstance would I give him cash for the items my coworker purchased for him out of the goodness of her heart to ensure HE had food. He was upset and said "Keep it!" and just walked off leaving the food where it was. Didn't come back. I did issue a refund for that food. To my coworker who purchased it. She was saddened to hear that he tried to return it to get cash to buy alcohol.

  5. I love the voices you do for CB, or other crappy people

    Sometimes if I don't know who the immediate cb or jerk is, the "voice acting" gives it a way

  6. So, let me get this straight. This woman is begging for money, asks the guy to go to the atm and get her a 20, and when he refuses he's the broke butt idiot? Honey, methinks you got that one backwards, lol.

  7. ATM around the corner, OP should have notified the business that there was a panhandler in the parking lot. Most businesses will take immediate action to remove them. Many people get robbed in this exact situation, expecting the mark to take out more than CB was asking for just for convenience, making them a great candidate to rob.

  8. Woman came up to me asked if I had a lighter.
    No, sorry I don't smoke.
    Well FV<K off then. You'r no help.
    OK, you have a good day now.

  9. I have worked tech support off and on for about 30 years now. Whenever someone finds this out they almost instantly want me to tell them what is wrong with their computer, and then a couple have even just assumed I will fix their computer for free. Usually my response is 'would you like to put that on Visa or Mastercard'.

    I can imagine that a lawyer would get 'o, I just have one question about this case' often when it's found out they are lawyers as well. Doctors also get this type of treatment often too.

    I did sometimes tell people I was a mortician. I figured no one would ask me to tech support a dead body.

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