Pro Bono Explained

In this video Attorney Steve® discusses the definition of pro bono. In criminal cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you. In civil cases, however, this is not always the case. That being said, here is a CIVIL PROP BONO PROJECT in Oakland and San Francisco (Northern District of California) and this can be a great way for new attorneys to get their “foot in the door” handling federal cases.

Important message for California Attorneys

“The disciplinary standards created by these rules are not intended to address all aspects
of a lawyer’s professional obligations. A lawyer, as a member of the legal profession, is a
representative and advisor of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having
special responsibilities for the quality of justice. A lawyer should be aware of deficiencies in the
administration of justice and of the fact that the poor, and sometimes person who are not poor,
cannot afford adequate legal assistance. Therefore, all lawyers are encouraged to devote
professional time and resources and use civic influence to ensure equal access to the system of
justice for those who because of economic or social barriers cannot afford or secure adequate
legal counsel. In meeting this responsibility, every lawyer should aspire to render at least fifty
hours of pro bono public legal services per year. In fulfilling this responsibility, the lawyer
should provide a substantial majority of such hours to indigent individuals or to nonprofit
organizations with a primary purpose of providing services to the poor or on behalf of the poor
or disadvantaged. Also, lawyers may fulfill this pro bono responsibility by providing financial
support to organizations providing free legal services. See Business and Professions Code
Section 6073.”
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  1. …. awesome, I'm on my way down to the fed. building today and I'll ask if they have a program because I could use some help.

  2. florida u s a looking for criminal case lawyer for friend. 28 years served for murder and attempted murder. help if you can. ocala, fl.

  3. Another solid video. Nice work, very informative. Keep it up.
    I would like to see you do a prisoner rights video, alot of people doing pro bono work behind the walls!

  4. Hi, Attorney Steve! Does the BAR mean British Accredited Register? Is USA a corporation? Can we the people sue the federal reserve for fraud?

  5. I have a issue a quick claim deed was Freudly done and the person now owns half my land what can be done

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