Police: Drug overdose death could have been prevented

Police: Drug overdose death could have been prevented

By: Erin Calandra

FERGUSON TOWNSHIP, Centre County, Pa. — A man is dead in Centre County from a suspected drug overdose, a death that officials believe may have been prevented if someone would have called 911 sooner.

Now police are reminding people about a new law that protects people from prosecution in many cases if you’re reporting an overdose.

This should be a no-brainer: getting busted for minor drug activity or saving a life. But unfortunately, officials say too many people choose not to call 911, and they hope this law will encourage people to make the right decision.

Last Friday, around 1 a.m., Ferguson Township police found 30-year-old Curtis Kerchner clinging to life on the kitchen floor inside an apartment, dying of a suspected drug overdose.

Paramedics performed CPR and rushed him to the hospital where police said he died the next day.

A death that police believe may have been prevented.

They say the people inside the apartment that night waited at least an hour before getting help, perhaps because they were afraid of getting arrested.

But as of December 2014, there’s a law protecting people who call 911 for this very reason.

But the law doesn’t protect against every drug law, and police will still investigate if appropriate.

A neighbor in this community is shocked that this happened.

He supports the law, but says it’s sad that some people don’t already have these moral obligations.

“If you see a fellow person dying on the floor, call police, it’s your human duty to do,” neighbor Abraham Akinyemi said.

Nobody will be charged for calling 911.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have a Good Samaritan Law, but officials hope that morally people will do the right thing.
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