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The term โ€˜personal injuryโ€™ is really an ambiguous term which can be used to describe the infinite situations where an individual may suffer physical or emotional harm due to the conduct of another. As Chicago personal injury lawyers, our law practice is devoted to representing individuals and families in unfortunate circumstances where a careless act has caused significant harm. It is our business to determine the parties who may be responsible for your injury and the applicable law that applies.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases ๐Ÿ‘‡

As established Chicago injury attorneys, we have experience representing people who have suffered injuries of various types and due to various mechanisms. Below is a list of cases that we regularly handle.

โ—พ Car Accidents
โ—พ Dog Bites
โ—พ Medical Negligence
โ—พ Trucking Accidents
โ—พ Bicycle Collisions
โ—พ Motorcycle Crashes
โ—พ Nursing Home Abuse
โ—พ Construction Accidents
โ—พ Accidents Resulting in Death

Every injury and medical negligence case is governed by a time constraint for filing a lawsuit known as a statute of limitations. Your case must be filed within the time parameters or you will be forever barred from a recovery. Insurance companies have no responsibility to notify you of this time parameter. If you believe you have a personal injury case, call our office today to ensure that you receive the money that the law entitles you to.

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Call โ˜Ž (888) 424-5757 We can help. Free Consultation.
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