Personal Injury from Dog Bite

Personal Injury from Dog Bite

Have your suffered an injury from a dog bite or attack? From the Video: Have you or a loved one suffered personal injury from a dog attack? Perhaps you were taking a stroll in the neighborhood, then out of nowhere a dog attacks you. Perhaps your little child was playing with his friends in your backyard and the neighbor’s dog jumps the fence, attacks your kid. Any kind of dog bite is strictly liable here in South Carolina to the owner of the animal. Personal injury might not be the only consequence of a dog bite. Could be that you or your child could be traumatized by the attack, you no longer wanna walk in your neighborhood.

Your child might not want to play, you might be afraid of dogs now. Those are the mental and the emotional distress that follow the dog attack, and sometimes that’s just as great as the actual physical injury if not worse. Now, the good news is that you can be compensated for both of those types of damages, physical injury and your mental distress, that results and that we can show resulted straight from that dog attack. Dog owners are held strictly liable for any damage that they cause to third parties here in South Carolina, and as a victim you must have been in a place where you were legally entitled to be, and you must not have provoked the dog.

That’s a common defense that a defense attorney will use. If you are attacked by a dog, file a police report. You should also call your local animal services to report the dog bite. If you’ve been bitten, the dog will have to be quarantined by DHEC, which is our Department of Health and Environmental Control here in South Carolina. We foyer all that information, take the pictures of all the injuries and the location of where the dog bite occurred. Lastly, and most importantly, give us a call so we can take this from start to finish and try to get you the compensation you deserve.

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