Personal Injury Court Premiere Announcement | Personal Injury Court


Coming soon Personal Injury Court with Judge Gino! Watch as he settles high value and crazy cases.
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personal injury trial

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20 thoughts on “Personal Injury Court Premiere Announcement | Personal Injury Court”

  1. Kelly Williams says:

    The money this man awards is just outrageous… Outrageous!!! The defendants that loose .. really loose.. I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars are awarded. Even millions. Who the heck can pay that kind of money. Ugh!! 🙄😵😠

  2. Shelbie K says:

    I do have to say…is this staged? The reason I ask is that, in the cases I’ve seen thus far, the plaintiffs are all walking into court with bandages and braces, etc. still. Yet they have thousands, some hundreds of thousands, of medical bills. So, that leads me to assume that their injuries were sustained some time ago. If that’s the case, then why are they walking into court bandaged and braced up as if the accidents/injuries just happened? I really would like to know if these are real cases (and they’re adding bandages, etc for affects), or if these are all staged. If these are real cases, I would drop all the theatrics of adding (what they would have looked like immediately after their injuries) and simply let the people stand. We don’t need to see bandages and braces to hear about an injury, or see an X-ray; they speak for themselves. Gimmicks are not needed and only serve to do this – make people question the validity of this show. Just my opinion. =)

  3. Colbert Massie says:

    Yeah I’m sure this is real

  4. Shadia Jamir Rahma K.matovu Uganda says:

    4 sure this isn't serious but nothing we hv 2 watch the drama

  5. Makaiah s says:

    Okay, but where are the episodes?

  6. Shalundra Mullins says:

    Sooo Where’s The Episodes 👀👀👀

  7. ThePathicGirl2 says:

    i really want to watch it

  8. NO NAME says:

    Who's her from paternity Court?!

  9. Jacqui Vidler says:

    I am in Australia, where can I watch this?? I can’t find it on YouTube.

  10. Sadia San says:

    Coming soon, when?

  11. Averon Destinee says:

    fire this special affects artist ASAP! 0:12

  12. rebecca Thumper says:

    So September has Come and Gone Where's The Drama…

  13. Sam McGuire says:

    The release date in the video says September 16 but my tv on demand says it airs on October 16 🤷

  14. Dalasto Marga says:

    I saw this advert on PC court now am here

  15. Jo Jo says:

    Bad make-up bad acting, no thanks. 📺 🐑

  16. Leo Sun says:

    Cant wait

  17. Josephine V. says:

    This seems so phony to me

  18. artemis neoy says:

    Paternity court got me here

  19. Jay McBride says:

    Well it's better than Divorce Court show, and more entertaining.

  20. Lucky Three says:

    So what’s the release date? Isn’t it almost 30 days past the original planned date anyways?

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