Personal Injury Attorneys & Car Accident Lawyers White Plains New York (914) 771 7711 The injury lawyers at Martin & Colin, P.C. successfully handle negligence cases including motor vehicle accidents (such as car, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian knockdown accidents), premises liability, landlord negligence (such as lead paint poisoning) and construction accidents. We also handle false arrest claims, malicious prosecution, civil rights violations as well as criminal defense, business law, divorce and family law and real estate transactions.
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personal injury lawyer white plains ny

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  1. I want to thank you, Bill, for representing me during my slip and fall case. Throughout each phase of my case, you guidance, patience and understanding confirmed my high regard for you as a person and professional. Having your representation brought a tremendous feeling of peace of mind for my family and me. The satisfactory conclusion proves that I made the right decision in having you as my attorney. 
    Additionally, you have always been professional and helpful when I sought your advice or assistance. You always treated me with respect when giving me the full benefit of your knowledge and experience, thereby demonstrating your high level of integrity. 
    I have already recommended members of my family, friends and acquaintances to you. 
    Again, thanks for all you have done.

  2. I was injured in a car accident in Rockland, NY. I have not sought any legal representation yet. Do you think I should hire a car accident lawyer?

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  5. Thanks. That's a beautifully done video. Do the injury lawyers at Martin & Colin P. C. ever deal in situations where the family is suing a negligent driver who may have killed their primary income source? i.e. a father or husband? Have you ever thought of making a vide of your most lucrative settlement for a person? Perhaps have that person share their testimony with your viewers. It may make for an interesting video.

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