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If you have suffered personal injury in a car or work accident you need a Personal Injury Attorney that can aggressively battle the insurance companies on your behalf. Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock represents clients from Yorktown NY and other locations in Westchester County, Putnam County and the surrounding areas in a wide range of Personal Injury cases.We are dedicated to providing excellence in representation to achieve significant results. Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock helps recover damages for clients who have been injured in a car, motorcycle or truck accident, construction site accident, slip and fall incident, or who have suffered a dog bite.

Personal Injury Attorney Yorktown NY
Personal Injury Lawyer Yorktown NY
Injury Attorney Yorktown NY
Personal Injury Lawyer Westchester County NY
Personal Injury Attorney Westchester County NY
Injury Attorney Westchester County NY

As a personal injury attorney, we have handled thousands of car accident cases. When a client comes to us and they’ve been involved in a serious car accident and suffered injuries, we know we can help them. If they’ve suffered a serious personal injury, we want to get them the compensation that they’re due. My state-of-mind when I came to Joe Tock was: was I ever going to walk again? I didn’t know if I was going to lose my leg. Joe assured me everything was going to be all right and he was going to deal with the insurance company. He told me “All you have to do is just get better. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t worry about your case, I’ll take care of it”. Many people don’t know, but under-insured motorist coverage can help the average person who is involved in a car accident case. Most insurance companies don’t sell that under-insured motorist, because it is not profitable, and we can help them analyze that and we can help them get fair compensation. We have the experience, we’ve handled these cases, and we go to court and we fight against these insurance companies. He’s a bulldog. He said he was going to get it done and he gets it done. Let more than 30 years of trial experience work for you. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock, your personal injury attorney, serving Yorktown, New York.

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